FDA Whistleblower Has Stirred the Pot Before

Published: Jul 20, 2012

An FDA scientist, who is a key player among the whistleblowers that have filed suit against the agency for monitoring their e-mails, had also filed lawsuits against two hospitals where he worked and sued a dozen medical device makers, The Wall Street Journal writes. And the disclosure is prompting his attorney to accuse the FDA of conducting a smear campaign in order to detract criticism of its campaign to spy on agency employees. Along with several FDA colleagues, Robert Smith complained three years ago to members of Congress and their staffs, as well as some consumer watchdogs and journalists, that the agency forced them to approve devices they insisted posed unacceptable risks. Earlier this year, they filed a lawsuit after discovering the agency monitored personal e-mails. The FDA has defended its actions over concerns that confidential info was being disclosed.

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