Do You REALLY Need an ER? FYC Helps You Decide, For Free

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Find Your Care™ (FYC) is a new web-based service available 24/7/365 nationwide helps patients decide two fundamental questions when they are in that crisis moment of an acute illness or injury: a) "What level of care do I need?" and b) "Where do I get that level of care?". FYC's byline, "Right Care. Right Place. Right Cost. Right Now!™", captures the target of quickly giving patients reliable answers.

Hospital systems often have ERs overloaded with patients who do not need an ER, for whom Urgent Care Clinics (UCCs) may be more appropriate. FYC is an effective way to help patients decide to go to an ER vs. Urgent Care or drop-in clinic.

Patients may enter their location by zip code or their computer's GPS, briefly describe their symptoms, situation and severity, and be given help deciding whether they should go to ER or UCC. The Geolocation Engine then produces a list of appropriate facilities close to the patient. Sponsoring clinical facilities provide additional details like hours of operation, clinical capabilities, and ads with links to their own websites. "This is far more informative, insightful and accurate than merely Googling", says CEO Dr. Al Davies, "You get timely information for your own needs."

The service is free to patients.

Urgent Care is often $50-125 compared to ER charges over $1,000, even for the same illness or injury. Urgent Care is typically faster, commonly with waiting times of 5-45 minutes, compared to 4-8 hours in many ERs. Free-standing ERs are also typically faster than ERs in large hospitals. "Rapidly getting valid information for your specific symptoms and situation can save you a lot of time and money, or confirm you need an ER.", says Dr. Davies.

Patients in ERs and UCCs often need medications, supplies and equipment for their aftercare. Providers of those products and services sponsor FYC. Having specific products and services already in mind helps patients formulate their plans at the moment they are in the ER or UCC being told what they will need for aftercare. FYC is helpful, free, and reliable.

FYC is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. Al Davies, MD, CEO, 800 397 0436 ext. 101.



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