DNA Link Announced as Roche NimbleGen, Inc's First Certified Service Provider for Targeted Enrichment and Sequencing Services

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Roche NimbleGen, a Roche Company (SWX:RO) (SWX:ROG) (Pink Sheets: RHHBY), has announced the first Certified Service Provider (CSP), DNA Link, Inc., who will provide service in Korea for NimbleGen Titanium Optimized Sequence Capture coupled with services from 454 Life Sciences, Roche´s center of excellence for sequencing. After passing rigorous certification procedures to achieve precise experimental standards, the Seoul-based genomic services provider DNA Link, Inc. has officially achieved Roche NimbleGen Certified Service Provider Program status and qualification. DNA Link’s certification marks the first genomic service provider to join the global Roche NimbleGen CSP Program. Their status as a CSP involves processing Korean customer gDNA samples for genomic enrichment using the complete NimbleGen Sequence Capture workflow optimized for 454 Titanium sequencing using 385K Arrays (capture up to 5 Mb custom regions). DNA Link’s commitment to quality already includes ISO 9001 and KS A ISO/IEC 17025:2006 certification.

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