DJO Global's Leading Product is Completely Updated With the Launch of AirSelect™ Walking Boots

Published: Mar 19, 2013

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DJO Global, Inc., a global provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management, today announced the launch of its AirSelect suite of high-performance walking boots. Showcased under DJO Global’s Aircast brand, the market leader in walking boots for more than three decades, AirSelect incorporates patented technological advancements that speed the healing of stable fractures of the lower leg, foot and ankle and severe ankle sprains, reduce edema and enhance patient comfort. AirSelect Elite is the only boot on the market with a selector dial and integrated inflation system, which allows patients to select each aircell independently for a truly customized fit. This specific inflation system provides the ultimate combination for overall better outcomes allowing for intuitive application and adjustment.

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