Chrono Therapeutics, Inc. Unveils Its Fully Functional, Miniaturized And Portable 5th Generation ChronoDose(TM) Prototype

Published: Feb 22, 2006

TRENTON, N.J., Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- ChronoTherapeutics, Inc., a pioneer in highly tailored, Chrono-Pharmacological drug delivery, has today unveiled the fully operational, stand-alone 5th Generation prototype of its patented ChronoDose(TM) system. ChronoDose(TM) is a miniaturized and automated, fully programmable, non-invasive drug delivery device.

ChronoDose(TM) is worn like a wristwatch and programmed like an alarm clock, to accurately and automatically deliver predefined-sized doses to coincide with peak disease symptoms. This is especially important when symptoms peak at night while asleep, or immediately upon waking.

ChronoDose(TM) administers higher doses automatically when disease symptoms statistically peak, and less when symptoms are lighter. ChronoDose(TM) optimizes and tailors dosing for far more effective disease management with, in certain instances, dramatically decreased side effects and tolerance.

ChronoDose(TM) is the next generation in "smart" transdermal drug delivery systems.

Initial applications target depression, pain management, Attention Deficit Disorder, addiction management, cardiovascular disease, urinary incontinence, and migraines.

Guy DiPierro, President and Founder of ChronoTherapeutics, Inc., states, "We are extremely pleased with the improvements and refinements incorporated into this late-stage prototype. ChronoDose(TM) is a potentially disruptive innovation in controlled drug release. ChronoDose(TM) tailored dosing could dramatically mitigate peak disease symptoms and help erase the most debilitating adverse side effects of certain therapies."

Dr. Joseph Huang, Principal and Chief Micro-Engineer of ChronoTherapeutics, Inc., states "the cutting edge micro-dispensing unit pushes the limits of modern technology and industry constraints. It is a leap forward in micro-fluidic technology."

Dr. George Imanidis, Principal and Key Strategic Partner of ChronoTherapeutics, Inc., Chief Pharmacokinetic Expert from the University of Basel, states "Being able to automate and tailor drug therapies to this level of accuracy non-invasively was something the industry has sought for decades, and now, with the ChronoDose(TM), it will become a reality."

This ChronoDose(TM) prototype may be worn for seven days without recharging power or replacing active. What makes the ChronoDose(TM) tick is its patent-pending AccuFuse(TM) technology, patent pending micro-modulated dispensing device, microprocessor, drug reservoir, power source, LCD and programming buttons.

Annually, over 20% of hospital admissions result from patient non-compliance, costing the healthcare industry over $100 billion/year.

ChronoDose(TM) offers a revolutionary step forward in guaranteed patient compliance, especially for the elderly, hospitalized, mentally ill, inmates, military or anyone with chronic diseases.

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