Centrexion Provides Updates And Advancements For Pipeline Of Chronic Pain Treatments

Published: Jul 18, 2017

-- Announces Plans for Phase 2 Study of CNTX-0290, a First-In-Class, Non-Opioid Drug Target Somatostatin Receptor Type 4 (SSTR4) Agonist --

-- Recently Allowed U.S. Patent for SSTR4 Agonists --

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Centrexion Therapeutics, a company focused on advancing the treatment of chronic pain with one of the largest exclusively pain-focused pipelines of non-opioid therapies in active development, today provided an update on the company’s therapeutics in development to treat chronic pain. The company next plans to initiate a Phase 2 study evaluating its somatostatin receptor type 4 (SSTR4) agonist – CNTX-0290, a brand-new target for therapeutic development.

“Given the growing problem of chronic pain that we face, it is critically important that we have new non-opioid treatment options with potential to treat different kinds of pain, including difficult to treat pain”

“Given the growing problem of chronic pain that we face, it is critically important that we have new non-opioid treatment options with potential to treat different kinds of pain, including difficult to treat pain,” said Randall M. Stevens, M.D., chief medical officer of Centrexion Therapeutics. “Because CNTX-0290 has a novel mechanism of action that targets a ‘master control’ switch for pain, it has the potential to significantly benefit a broad population of people suffering from chronic pain, including mixed pain conditions such as back pain. It is critical that we continue to advance new pain treatments like CNTX-0290 that have the potential to relieve pain while avoiding the significant challenges and side effects of currently available therapies.”

CNTX-0290: Phase 1 Completed, Patent Awarded

In single- and multiple-ascending-dose Phase 1 studies of CNTX-0290, the potent and selective SSTR4 agonist, was well tolerated by subjects in all cohorts, including the elderly, and was well absorbed after oral dosing with good pharmacokinetics and no food effect on absorption. Data from the Phase 1 trials will be presented at an upcoming medical meeting.

The indications for the Phase 2 trial will be selected based on Centrexion Therapeutics’ big data approach, leveraging genetics, proteomics, in vitro, in vivo and clinical data to identify the types of chronic pain that are most likely to be impacted by treatment with CNTX-0290.

Additionally, Centrexion Therapeutics recently received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a patent covering compounds targeting the SSTR4 receptor.

About CNTX-0290

CNTX-0290 is a new drug target with significant potential for development of a totally new class of pain therapeutics. CNTX-0290 works by activating the SSTR4 receptor, which functions as a “master control” switch to turn down the activity of several other pain receptors, such as specific calcium channels, potassium channels and TRPV1 and TRPA1 channels, thereby reducing the transmission of pain signals. To date, CNTX-0290 has shown activity in every chronic pain model it has been tested in and shows promise for treating a wide variety of chronic pain conditions.

Additional Progress

Earlier this year Centrexion Therapeutics received approval of two Investigational New Drug (IND) applications from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate Phase 1 trials of CNTX-6970 and CNTX-6016 in the U.S.

CNTX-6970 is a novel, potent and selective CCR2 antagonist with a unique analgesic profile. Recent studies have shown a close link between chronic pain and the immune system. CNTX-6970 capitalizes on this connection by taking a novel “neuro-immune” approach. The compound has a dual effect: stopping immune cells from releasing the potent cytokine CCL2 and stopping CCL2 from stimulating pain fibers to send pain signals. CNTX-6970 is predicted to be well suited to treat chronic painful inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis, and current studies show the treatment is safe and well tolerated with demonstrated pharmacologic activity. CNTX-6970 has successfully completed Phase 1 single-ascending-dose studies which not only showed it was well tolerated with an acceptable pharmacokinetic profile but also demonstrated target engagement.

CNTX-6016 is the first of the new generation, potent and “super selective” cannabinoid CB2 agonists. CB2 agonists are 20,000 times more selective for the CB2 receptor than the CB1, and thereby result in pain relief without psychotropic and other side effects seen with less selective agonists. CNTX-6016 could serve as a promising solution for chronic pain conditions such as diabetic neuropathic pain.

Centrexion Therapeutics expects to announce initial readouts for CNTX-6016 and CNTX-6970 in the first half of 2018.

“Centrexion Therapeutics continues to make outstanding progress in its mission to address the substantial and growing chronic pain epidemic by developing the largest, exclusively pain-focused pipeline of non-opioid therapies,” said Jeffrey B. Kindler, chief executive officer of Centrexion Therapeutics. “Following our June announcement of six-month data for CNTX-4975, which showed significant and durable response for the treatment of chronic pain associated with knee osteoarthritis with just a single treatment, we continue to see progress with our additional pipeline candidates, as well. We believe these combined efforts will result in new therapies that will help bridge the safety and efficacy gaps in current chronic pain treatment and ease the burden chronic pain places on patients and our healthcare system.”

About the Burden of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects 100 million people in the U.S. and 270 million people worldwide, and currently available treatments often lack adequate efficacy and are associated with numerous side effects. The total annual incremental cost of health care due to pain ranges from $560 billion to $635 billion in the U.S., which combines the medical costs of pain care and the economic costs related to disability days, lost wages and productivity. Despite the availability of a variety of pain treatment options ranging from opioids and NSAIDs, to hyaluronic acid and surgery, millions of people continue to live with chronic, debilitating pain.

About Centrexion Therapeutics

Centrexion Therapeutics, Corp. is focused on advancing the treatment of chronic moderate to severe pain with one of the largest exclusively pain-focused pipelines of non-opioid therapies in active development. Centrexion Therapeutics recognizes the needs of over a quarter of a billion patients living with chronic pain worldwide, and aims to develop new, safer and more effective therapies that overcome the limitations and challenges associated with current pain treatments. Founded by world-renowned leaders in drug development and well-funded by key investors, Centrexion Therapeutics is building a pain treatment powerhouse to address the substantial and growing global chronic pain epidemic. Centrexion Therapeutics has recently relocated from Baltimore, Md. to Boston, Mass.

For more information about Centrexion, visit http://www.centrexion.com.


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