BioVerdant, Inc. Appoints Dr. Berkeley W. Cue To Its Scientific Advisory Board

Published: Jan 29, 2007

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- BioVerdant, Inc., a private company that utilizes biocatalysis to provide extremely cost effective Green Chemistry solutions for chemical manufacture, today announced the appointment of Dr. Berkeley W. Cue to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Cue is currently co- chairman of the Green Chemistry Institute's Pharmaceutical Roundtable and was elected to the Governing Board of the Green Chemistry Institute in 2003. Dr. Cue has spoken extensively on a variety of aspects of Green Chemistry since 2000 and is widely considered one of the industry's thought leaders.

Dr. Cue is a former Vice President of Pharmaceutical Sciences with Pfizer Global Research and Development in Groton, Connecticut, where he spent 29 years before retiring in April of 2004. While at Pfizer he created and led Pfizer's Green Chemistry initiative. In 2004, he testified before the House of Representatives Science Committee in support of the 2004 Federal Green Chemistry Act (HB 3970). Also in 2004, he was appointed to the National Academies of Science Committee on Grand Challenges for Sustainability in the Chemical Industry. In addition to his work with the Green Chemistry Institute, Dr. Cue currently occupies seats on the Scientific Advisory Boards of a variety of companies and academic institutions. He also consults with several technology companies who serve the pharmaceutical industry to create innovative solutions for pharmaceutical science and manufacturing challenges.

Dr. Kim Albizati, Chief Executive Officer of BioVerdant stated, "We are extremely happy that Buzz has chosen to work with us at BioVerdant. He has proven to be very particular about who he works with in the fields of biotransformations and green chemistry. The fact that Buzz enthusiastically joined our SAB is a statement about our commitment and ability to become leaders in the use of biotransformations in the Green Chemistry movement in the pharmaceutical and related chemical-based industries."

About BioVerdant

BioVerdant is a private, venture-backed company headquartered in San Diego, California with a corporate philosophy dedicated to green chemistry and a focus on Biocatalysis and Chemical Process Research and Development to provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions for drug manufacturing. BioVerdant develops innovative chemoenzymatic solutions for chemical manufacture that significantly reduce the time and cost of manufacturing. The Company is transforming the synthesis of drug molecules at industrial scales by integrating chemical, genomic and proteomic sciences with the art of modern chemical process development and drug manufacturing.

The scientists of BioVerdant are world leaders in enzyme discovery, protein evolution, chemical process development and drug manufacturing and the company was founded by expatriates of a major global pharmaceutical company who are internationally recognized in these fields. The Company's "Green Chemistry" approach to drug manufacturing is geared to minimizing the effects and waste products of drug manufacturing on the environment.

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