Biotechnology Companies Are Hiring, You Just Need to Know Where to Look

Published: Jun 28, 2012

Biotechnology Companies Are Hiring, You Just Need to Know Where to Look By Angela Rose,

The biotech industry is experiencing a mini-boom, despite a sluggish economy mired in news of continued unemployment and continual layoffs. If you’re looking for a job within the biotech space, you should find plenty of opportunities. From principal scientist to analytical chemist, production planner to project coordinator, biotechnology companies are hiring for these positions and more –you just need to know where to look. We suggest you begin with the following four resources.

Do Your Employer Research
If you’re not interested in moving to a new city, compile a list of the biotech companies in your geographical area. If relocation is an option, broaden your search. Then visit the websites of each company to learn more about their business. Check the “news” or “press” pages for the latest scoop on company growth and new developments. Review their board members and senior management. If you have a LinkedIn account, and you should, review your connections for those in common with the company or individuals within it. When you find one, request an introduction.

Follow Biotech News
News coverage is often a great way to find out which biotechnology companies are realizing record profits and planning expansions – both potential indicators of eminent staff increases. It’s simple to set up Google alerts for any topic, including biotech news. Just go to, enter your search query, and then choose result type and frequency. When you find a hot prospect, add it to a list for further research.

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Network Consistently
Do you remember that LinkedIn account we mentioned earlier? It’s an invaluable tool for networking. Search for groups within the LinkedIn space pertaining to biotechnology. Join them, ask relevant questions, respond to others and participate discussions. This is a good way to make connections with other professionals linked to the companies that interest you. You’re also likely to find recruiters within the group’s membership – and some will even post job opportunities.

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You can network in person as well. Search for biotechnology professional groups in your city, and then attend the various meet-ups and other activities for face-to-face contact with individuals who may prove valuable in your job search.

Search Niche Job Boards
Frequenting job boards is a convenient way to locate numerous open positions at any given time. Niche job boards are the best, as you’ll find a higher percentage of employment opportunities within your industry. Review job posts regularly for best results. On, you will find hundreds of relevant jobs searchable by job title, keyword, company name and location.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top four biotechnology occupations are clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, medical scientists, biological scientists and chemists and material scientists. These occupations have job growth projected at an average rate of 14 percent by 2018. Individually, medical scientists top the list with projected job growth of 40 percent, and biological scientists follow at 21 percent. Whether your dream job lies within these or other biotechnology roles, a thorough approach to the job search offers the best return on investment.

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