Biomatrica Expands Product Portfolio for Preserving Biological Samples at Ambient Temperatures

SAN DIEGO, June 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Biomatrica, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of VACUETTE®DNAgard® Blood Tubes* for collection, preservation and shipping of DNA in whole blood at ambient temperatures. Also available is DNAstable® Plus, a next generation liquid stabilizer that offers DNA preservation in both liquid and dry formats. The RNAstable® product has been expanded with the launch of RNAstable® LD, which offers the ability to protect RNA using a liquid-to-dry format enabling automation compatibility.

"The launch of VACUETTE®DNAgard® Blood Tubes for collection produced under ISO 9001 standards at Greiner Bio-One (GBO), Austria, marks an important milestone in Biomatrica's sample preservation technology," said Dr. Judy Muller-Cohn, Chief Executive Officer of Biomatrica. "By offering VACUETTE®blood collection tubes which stabilize DNA at the point of collection, we can maintain sample integrity from collection-to-answer and thereby minimize invalid results as a result of poor sample quality."

Dr. Pankaj Singhal, SVP, Global Operations noted that "Our product expansion marks our commitment to transform innovative technologies for ambient temperature stabilization of biological samples to quality products that serve the needs of researchers worldwide."

"We are keen to see the use of our technologies in the sample collection devices segment since their use in clinical and eventual diagnostic research has an immediate benefit to molecular diagnostics and the field of personalized medicine," says Dr. Rolf Muller, Chief Scientific Officer at Biomatrica. "We are excited to be working with the Biomatrica team and technology," said Manfred Buchberger, CEO Preanalytics of Greiner Bio-One. "The VACUETTE® brand name has been successfully distributed to over 100 countries. The combination of Biomatrica technology with GBO's devices enables us to introduce innovative Preanalytics solutions for the collection of human samples."

DNAstable®, RNAstable® and DNAgard® are registered trademarks of Biomatrica, Inc.
VACUETTE® is a registered trademark of Greiner Bio-One.
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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About Biomatrica, Inc.

Biomatrica is a leading provider of innovative products for collecting, preserving, analyzing, storing, and shipping biological samples at ambient temperatures. Biomatrica's product range maintains the integrity of DNA, RNA, saliva, blood, tissues and cells both at the point of collection and point of detection. The unique SampleMatrix® technology enables to utilize ambient temperatures for sample collection, preservation and detection resulting in unparalleled advantages in terms of maintaining sample integrity, ease-of-use and reducing per sample costs. The company's products have been adopted and validated at US government forensic agencies, academic research institutions, global biobanks and diagnostic laboratories. Biomatrica's current products include DNAstable®, DNAgard®, RNAstable® and RNAgard®.

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About Greiner Bio-One.

Greiner Bio-One International AG is a Global Player with around 1700 employees, 19 subsidiaries and numerous distribution partners in more than 100 countries. There are production locations in Austria, Germany, Hungary, USA, Brazil and Thailand. The public limited company belongs 100% to the Greiner family, with the head office in Kremsmünster, Austria. Greiner Bio-One consists of two business units Preanalytics and BioScience. Based on customer specifications and the requirements of the diagnostics market, the Preanalytics division develops innovative system solutions for blood, urine and saliva collection. The BioScience division is one of the leading suppliers of special products for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures as well as microplates for high-throughput screening. Furthermore Greiner Bio-One develops biochips for genotyping, which can be used to detect causes of infection.

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