Biochain Institute, Inc. Launches Colon Cancer Frozen Tissue Array

Hayward, California (October 8, 2010) BioChain Institute, Inc. launches colon cancer frozen tissue array, the newest addition to BioChain's frozen cancer tissue arrays. A total of 40 tissues, including 37 different colon cancers and 3 corresponding normal controls, are spotted onto one single slide. BioChain's colon cancer frozen tissue array is designed for high-throughput analysis of colon cancer-specific cellular localization of genes or proteins of interest in different patient tissues.

Colon cancer frozen tissue array is the fourth arrival to BioChain's frozen cancer array product collection, following breast cancer frozen tissue array, lung cancer frozen tissue array, and prostate cancer frozen tissue array. BioChain is the current market leader that offers the most comprehensive selection of frozen tissue array.

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