Already on a Hiring Tear, Novartis AG Plans for 100 New Jobs as it Targets Brain Disease

Published: Sep 19, 2013

Novartis isn't the only one hiring, others are hiring too! Check it out! (Isn't it tempting?)

Novartis is returning to an area of medical research that has defeated drug companies time and again over the past decade: diseases of the brain — from depression to Parkinson’s — that affect millions of people worldwide. The Swiss drug giant has relaunched a research group specializing in neuroscience, basing it at its giant research campus in Cambridge and luring a prominent neurobiologist from Stanford University, to take advantage of major new tools that are giving scientists greater insight into how the brain and the diseases that afflict it work.

Don't forget, hundreds of biopharma companies are hiring! (We know you can't resist.)

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