airPHX Announces Groundbreaking Advance in Plasma Technology

MCLEAN, Va., Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- airPHX ("air fix") announces issuance of U.S. Patent No. 10,111,977 covering significant advances to cold plasma technology developed and owned by PhoenixAIRE, LLC d/b/a airPHX.  The Company has successfully commercialized its current generation of cold plasma technology and is actively deploying the technology across various industries including food safety, health care, athletics and others.  The issued patent covers a new method of generating cold plasma, creating a plasma "curtain" and opening new markets and applications for this innovative technology.  This patent adds to the Company's IP portfolio and confirms airPHX as the global leader in commercial applications of cold plasma technology. 

Effective on both airborne and surface pathogens, airPHX technology provides continuous infection control for the health care industry.  Using a proprietary application of atmospheric cold plasma, airPHX offers a cost-effective alternative to existing infection control protocols.  Scalable and affordable... airPHX has been proven effective on 30 common HAI pathogens including bacteria, viruses and protozoa. (PRNewsfoto/airPHX)

airPHX uses its proprietary technology to create and distribute a highly effective, unique spectrum of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  The ROS operate as an oxidizer of pathogens in a treatment space, continuously eliminating pathogens in the air and on all surfaces exposed to ambient air.  The ROS generated by airPHX technology provides continuous, low cost and proven pathogen control that is superior to outdated sanitizing technologies like UV-C, photocatalytic oxidation, ionizers and chemical protocols. 

According to Bill Pommerening, President of the Company: "Although academic research continues in small space applications of cold plasma, airPHX is singularly positioned as the market leader in scaling the technology for large commercial applications, and this new technology ensures the Company will continue to be a leader.  airPHX's scalability and the highly effective killing power of the ROS it creates are what really set us apart from other technologies."

Terry Woodbridge, the Company's Chief Technology Officer and inventor of earlier generations of ROS-generating technology, noted: "The new technology covered by the issued patent and a pending patent is significantly more effective and powerful than prior generations, greatly expanding the treatment space covered by a single unit."

The Company has a product line ranging from efficient wall-mounted devices for health care and athletic facilities to large industrial units treating commercial food processing and indoor greenhouses.  The Company is also developing an in-duct application in connection with an industry leading commercial HVAC company.  Mr. Pommerening stated: "Our technology will transform whole industries. For example, in food processing plants such as poultry and beef, airPHX units drastically reduce pathogens and avoid outbreaks of Salmonella and E. coli that currently plague the industry and consumers. We are actively partnering with established distributors to accelerate our growth and improve the safety and welfare of individuals across all of our markets.  The new patent, along with pending patent and continuation filings, copyrighted source code and other IP advances in the pipeline, will cement the Company's integral role in this transformative technology."

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About airPHX
airPHX is a private company offering air and surface sanitization solutions. It is known for its cost-effective and innovative technology that delivers results without the use of chemicals or UV radiation.



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