ADMEcell: NEW Ready-to-Use Caco-2 Assay for In Vitro Intestinal Absorption Evaluations

Published: May 11, 2009

ADMEcell, Inc. has introduced a NEW Ready- to-Use Caco-2 cell assay shipped at room temperature.

ADMEcell specializes in Ready-to-Use cell based assays. The CacoReady™ System is a NEW ready-to-use concept for in vitro intestinal absorption evaluation.

This system is an integrated tool designed to minimize time and costs for preclinical screening of oral compounds. CacoReady™ is perfectly suited for assessing permeability and can easily be adopted for high-throughput screening of compounds.

It is shipped at room temperature in a proprietary shipping medium on day 15 of differentiation.

The most important advantage is that labs do not have to grow the Caco-2 cells for 21 days and the Caco-2 cells come plated on a 24 and/or 96 transwell plates, ready to use.

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