A-Medicare Announces New Crypto Coin as Part of 2020-2021 Launch Strategy


LAS VEGAS, July 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A-Medicare, the flagship private health services entrepreneurial enterprise of actor-producer Enzo Zelocchi, today announced launch plans for a new crypto coin as a planned element of early strategic growth integral to platform development through the remainder of 2020 and 2021.

The currency token, in active development, will allow customers a new, secure, and cashless way of spending on their medical needs. The A-Medicare coin is going to be the only permitted cryptocurrency in the A-Medicare platform. A real breakthrough for the entire worldwide healthcare system and cryptocurrency universe. Several analysts confirm that the A-Medicare coin could become the leading cryptocurrency of the future due to the massive global transactions the world healthcare market will generate.   

"The world landscape has changed," Mr. Zelocchi says, "with a global pandemic locking people in their homes and many health providers struggling to provide services, we at A-Medicare are launching a streamlined ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency to help provide our clients with fast, practical solutions to their future medical needs."

The new brand offers a competitive bridge with several open avenues for private-public partnerships in reimagining healthcare for the United States and ultimately the world.

Regarding security and transparency, Mr. Zelocchi says: "Every medical transaction (health insurance claims, etc.) will be processed and tracked in the A-Medicare platform using blockchain technology and each transaction made with the A-Medicare coin is going to have a double trackability matching system which will eliminate any possible fraud, lost records, etc."

Additionally, secure blockchain technology will expedite payments and refunds instantly.

"We are here to leverage secure blockchain technologies," Mr. Zelocchi adds, "as well as the latest in artificial intelligence and remote medicine toward the maximum fulfillment of health and well-being for all U.S. citizens at a high standard of accessibility and fairness throughout very challenging times."

About A-Medicare
Our mission is to decrease the cost of healthcare and to improve its efficiencies in all aspects using Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technology. The goal is to create a Universal Health Care system that creates affordable low-cost healthcare and provides programs to help subsidize costs for those most in need.

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