2012 Highest Paying Biotechnology Jobs

Published: Nov 29, 2012

2012 Highest Paying Biotechnology Jobs The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the field of biotechnology as growing at 31 pct, much faster than other fields, with a median salary of $79,000. There are and will be a wide variety of employment opportunities that range from ongoing research to applications in a number of specific industries. Thanks to the nature of biotechnology, competent individuals can find positions that are vital, personally fulfilling and provide excellent income. Here are ten of the highest paid biotech jobs and their current salary ranges from Salary.com:

1. Research Fellow: $134,000 - 173,000

2. Biostatistician: $149,000 - 161,000

3. Biotech Business Development Director: $123,000 - 154,000

4. Senior Scientist - Biotech: $106,000 - 130,000

5. Biotech Engineer: $97,000 - 123,000

6. Drug Safety Specialist: $ 92,000 - 117,000

7. Process Engineer: $91,000 - 114,000

8. Clinical Pharmacist: $96,000 - 111,000

9. Regulatory Affairs Specialist: $89,000 - 109,000

10. Biologist - Specialist and Consultant: $88,000 - 108,000

Here’s a closer look at three of the most popular positions in the field today.

Biotech Research Scientist

This job focuses mainly on how the introduction of different compounds impact the growth and health of living organisms. The research may focus mainly on chemical products such as cleaning agents, medication or other synthetic materials that are introduced directly or indirectly to the organism. In some cases, the work will focus on the reaction of organisms to certain types of food compounds, including those that have been genetically altered. The ultimate goal is to determine both the benefits and the side effects that are experienced as the result of exposure to the compounds under scrutiny.

The biotechnology job salary for each biotech research scientist will vary, based on level of experience. CNN Money cites the median salary for this type of work as $90,000 USD, with the potential to make as much as $136,000 USD.

Biotech Medical Research and Development

As there are various types of biotech and pharma jobs, one should also consider a job in biotech medical research and development. This more specialized field focuses primarily on the research and development of medication for use in treating different types of physical and emotional illnesses. The goal of this work is to develop treatments that help to alleviate human suffering.

Typically, the salary range for this type of work is similar to the earnings of a biotech research scientist. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010 median salary for medical scientists and researchers stood at $76,700 USD. In addition, the demand for this type of research work is anticipated to increase significantly over the next decade.

Industrial Biotech Research and Development

Biotechnology jobs are also a prominent part of today’s manufacturing industry. As industries develop new types of textiles, building materials, plastics and other products, there is the need to assess the impact of those products on consumers and the environment in general. An industrial biotech researcher will focus on what those products do and do not provide in terms of reducing emissions, creating waste products that must be eliminated in some fashion and even how exposure to the finished products could impact the well being of humans and others.

The salary range for this type of work will typically follow the same pattern as that of any other type of biological research work, making it possible to earn in the $100K range each year.

The actual pay for different biotech jobs will vary based on the education and experience of the researcher. In addition, some variance in pay will occur between industries and sometimes even within specific companies within those industries. For this reason, job candidates should look closely at all their options before settling for the first biotechnology job they come across.

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