Skyentia Technologies LLC Announces $260,000 in Qualified Investment Grants and Funding

Published: Nov 02, 2010

Nov 1, 2010-- Skyentia Technologies LLC announced today that it has been awarded over $260,000 in qualified investment grants and funding through the Qualified Therapeutic Discovery Program.

The President of the company, Dr. Richard J. McMurtrey, announced the certification of over a quarter million dollars in qualified grants late Monday, stating, "The receipt of these funds will greatly advance our extensive work in creating new solutions to unsolved problems in medicine and science."

Skyentia Technologies was founded in November 2009 and is a company focused on several research and development projects pertaining to both biotechnology and medical devices. This includes projects such as the discovery of novel therapeutic agents and strategies for neuroprotection in stroke and traumatic brain injury, the development of implantable therapeutic systems, and the development of non-invasive monitoring interfaces and diagnostic systems.

More information can be obtained at their website

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