CryoXtract™ Introduces CXT 350T Frozen Tissue Aliquotter

Published: May 03, 2013

(Woburn, MA) May 3, 2013 -- CryoXtract Instruments, LLC, a leader in developing unique laboratory and scientific instruments for preserving and optimizing frozen biological samples, announced the introduction of its CXT 350T Frozen Tissue Aliquotter. The CXT 350T represents the industry's first system that allows for targeted, repeated and safe access to frozen tissue samples, while preserving their frozen state throughout the entire process.

The CXT 350T's proprietary coring process enables uniform sizing and efficient distribution of frozen tissue sample aliquots, thereby maximizing sample integrity and optimizing scientific outcomes. Researchers can access specific regions of interest within a sample via the instrument's unique tissue-mounting method and laser-targeting feature, while incorporating standard histology slides and pathology review.

"CryoXtract's objective is to advance medical research and discovery by providing the scientific community with a tool to optimize the biological information gained from frozen tissue samples," said John McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer of CryoXtract. "Our newest product offers the scientific community unique access and re-access to important frozen tissue specimens, while protecting the integrity of both primary samples and aliquots, and increasing the efficiency of lab operations."

CryoXtract is unveiling the CXT 350T in Sydney, Australia at the annual meeting of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER). ISBER represents the industry's premier organization for standard setting and thought leadership, and last year awarded its "Outstanding New Product" award to CryoXtract for its flagship bio-fluids-based CXT 750 Frozen Sample Aliquotter.

The introduction of CryoXtract's new instrument is the latest in a series of growth initiatives by McCarthy, who took the helm of the Woburn, Massachusetts-based company at the end of last year. Earlier this year, CryoXtract announced an exclusive distribution agreement with GC biotech B.V. to enter the Benelux countries and Germany, and also announced a patent allowance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its frozen sample aliquotting technology.

Biosamples are critical to the advancement of molecular medicine, biomarker discovery/validation and other important research and development initiatives. CryoXtract's product solutions aim to meet the rapidly growing demand for these biosamples, while ensuring the preservation of sample integrity and validity of scientific outcomes and discoveries.

Additionally, the Company has designed its instruments for seamless integration into standard laboratory workflows, thereby improving lab efficiency. For example, the CXT 350T offers a compact bench-top design, together with an efficient LN2 chilling system to fit seamlessly into existing lab workflows. Its frozen coring process includes pre-chilled coring probes and destination tubes designed to ensure that a sample's frozen state is maintained throughout the process. Moreover, proprietary single-use, disposable coring probes eliminate the potential for contamination and carryover.

"The CXT 350T meets a critical need for scientists involved in the advancement of medicine, and illustrates the strategic, market-making innovations being developed at CryoXtract," said Dr. Omar Amirana, Managing Director and Head of Life Sciences at Allied Minds, Inc., the Boston-based private investment group that founded and funds the Company.

CryoXtract recently published a proof of principle study performed with the Eastern Division of the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN) at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital that illustrates the scientific benefits of frozen tissue aliquotting. A copy of the study can be accessed at CryoXtract's website,

About CryoXtract Instruments, LLC

CryoXtract develops and commercializes unique automation solutions that allow for the retrieval of multiple frozen samples from a single frozen biosample without exposing the source sample to the deleterious biological impact from freeze/thaw cycling. The Company's novel automation technology platform improves frozen biosample processing, protects the viability of frozen biosamples after cores have been extracted, improves lab efficiencies and economics, and helps optimize scientific outcomes. In May 2012, the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) awarded its prestigious Outstanding New Product Award to the Company's CXT 750 Frozen Sample Aliquotter.

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