Merck Spinout Launches to Tackle Global Women’s Health Care Problems

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Merck spinout health care company Organon has launched today as a self-described global women’s health company. The new company will list on the New York Stock Exchange today under the ticker “OGN.”

Organon’s focus will center on reproductive health, health conditions, and issues unique to women and diseases that disproportionately impact women. The company “gathered voices from around the world’ to create a multimedia installation outside the NYSE dubbed the “Wall of Voices,” which shares perspectives from women regarding the company’s focus.

“At Organon, we are here for her health,” said Organon’s Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Ali, in a statement. “Our vision is to create a better and healthier every day for every woman around the world. There is no other health care company with our global footprint dedicated to putting women at the center that will focus on identifying medicines and solutions that they so urgently need.” 

The company’s launch brings over 60 drugs and products that serve individuals in more than 140 markers. Approximately 80% of its $6.5 billion annual revenue from these products has been generated outside the United States to date. 

Additionally, the newly launched independent company’s focus on women’s leadership is highly apparent – Organon’s Board of Directors comprises 70% women, which is higher than any other S&P 500 health-related company. 

Organon’s three core pillars include women’s health, biosimilars, and established brands. The women’s health pillar is anchored by long-acting reversible contraception NEXPLANON (etonogestrel implant). 

In addition, women’s health is supported by the company’s contraceptive and fertility businesses and the recent proposed acquisition of medical device company Alydia Health. The acquisition will give Organon more insight into strategies that can effectively prevent maternal morbidity and mortality associated with postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) or abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding, Alydia’s primary focus.

“For too long, for too many common conditions, such as heavy, painful, and irregular menstrual bleeding, incontinence and menopause and many others, women have been told to accept and normalize these conditions as a part of life,” said Head of Organon Research & Development, Sandy Milligan, in a statement. 

“We believe this approach will be very successful — we hope to discover the ability to identify diseases earlier, the ability to modify the course of diseases or health care conditions and to ultimately, improve the quality of life for women at all stages.”

The company’s biosimilars pillar includes support from products such as RENFLEXIS (infliximab-abda) and BRENZYS (etanercept) in immunology and ONTRUZANT (trastuzumab-dttb) in cancer. In addition, Organon’s established brands pillar includes a total of 49 well-known items in the cardiovascular, dermatology, respiratory and non-opioid pain spaces.

Simultaneously with the new global launch, Organon Canada announced its launch with Michael Casia taking the helm as President and Managing Director. The key focus for the Canadian business will be in biosimilar medicines, which Casia said in a statement could have “positive impacts on the sustainability of our health care system especially as provinces seek new options to alleviate pressure on health care costs.”

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