Did WuXi Make a Whoopsie? US-China R&D Relations in Limbo

The Weekly BioSpace News Podcast

Last week, WuXi AppTec was once again in the news as Reuters broke the story that the China-based biotech allegedly handed a U.S. client’s intellectual property over to the Chinese government without consent. Many open questions remain about the future of the U.S.’s R&D collaborations with the country, as both houses of Congress consider the BIOSECURE Act, intended to protect against potential national security risks.

Meanwhile, Lonza’s $1.2 billion buy of a Roche biologics plant in California—one of the world’s largest biologics manufacturing facilities by volume—bodes well for the CDMO market, and BMS pulls ahead of Amgen in the race to bring a fully approved KRAS inhibitor to market for patients with certain types of non-small cell lung cancer, acing a confirmatory Phase III trial for Krazati.

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