Job Search Strategies

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  • Whether you’re deciding to accept a job offer from a new employer or you’ve just started a new job, one of the most important aspects of your professional life will be the workplace culture. The office or organization’s environment or “vibe” is so powerful that it can make or break your job exper...
  • Are you feeling discouraged because you’re not getting the kind of offers or feedback that you want or need? Job search fatigue is real, and when you’re in the thick of an intense job hunt, the stress of the “network, apply, interview, eat, sleep, repeat” routine can start to wear even the most c...
  • Perhaps you sense something just isn’t quite right, but you’re not sure what. Or, maybe you have a pretty good idea that your organization is slimming down and your role will be one of the first ones to go.
  • When you’re on the job market, how you come across and the level of professionalism that you exhibit at every step is often just as important as the substance of your background, skills, or education.
  • Whether the problem is the actual work itself, your co-workers or the overall company atmosphere, you need to be proactively take action.
  • According to BioSpace research, 69% of biotech professionals feel they are on the verge of job burnout. Do you fall into that 69%? Is it time for a new job? Check out the top companies who are looking for candidates like you right now!
  • Whose contact information do you provide? What if they ask for multiple people? Can you ask a current co-worker? Below we answer common questions when it comes to selecting references.
  • We recently interviewed Marianne Stanford, Ph.D., who serves as Vice President of Research and Development at IMV, Inc. Stanford shared her thoughts on the field and the career path of an immunologist.
  • Often times, you can fall into a trap of seeing a particular title, skimming a listing, and firing off an application.
  • Do you wake up every morning dreading going to work? If this happens to you even once a week, it may be time to start looking for a new gig.
  • The biotech industry produces a complex, high stress and intricate work environment, so it’s no surprise that workaholics pop up in this industry all the time.
  • Are you interested in the practical application of life sciences research? If so, an understanding of translational research is useful to see the vast opportunities to help patients and cure diseases.
  • Frustrated by your job search? Does your dream employer rarely have openings? A little-known technique – the job proposal approach – can open doors for you.
  • You likely know that there are some types of questions that are off-limits in a job interview, but did you also know that many of these are basically illegal?
  • Unlike the professional skills and experiences you gain through formal training or education, soft skills are those elusive interpersonal skills, personality traits, character attributes, or communication styles that will determine how you interact with your colleagues and the success or failure ...
  • Whether your controlling co-worker wants to hold onto all of the data for their own use, refuses to compromise with you on key aspects of a project or insists that their separate piece of the project takes precedence over yours, you definitely have a problem on your hands.
  • Being active on the job market can be somewhat of an overwhelming undertaking. As the old cliche goes, “it’s a full time job looking for a full time job.” While it’s ok to cut yourself some slack if you’ve been knocking down doors (or sending out resumes) for a while to no avail, you don’t want t...
  • To navigate each step along the way from interview to a final offer, you should have clear understanding of a timeline of events and what appropriate job search etiquette suggests you do at each step.
  • BioTalent Canada announced today that “Career Starter,” one of BioTalent Canada’s newest wage subsidy programs—has generated high levels of interest industry-wide and has exceeded all expectations. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: “We’re encouraged by the overwhelming and rapid response to the Career Starter wage subsidy pr

  • Are you willing to relocate internationally to further your career? It can be a difficult decision with much to consider including language, cultural and industry differences.