Job Search Strategies

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  • Follow These Steps to Secure an Internship
    Now that school is back in session, it’s never too early to start thinking about an internship for summer of 2019. 
  • Many organizations will look at your LinkedIn profile before they decide to hire you. Direct hire recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile before they decide to contact you. Your LinkedIn profile should be a professional accurate representation of yourself.
  • According to the 2017 Mind the Workplace report by Mental Health America, 71% of workers in the U.S. were either actively looking for new job opportunities or had the topic on their mind always, often, or sometimes while at work.  Regardless of all of the potential causes of these feelings, we se...
  • As the weather cools down, let’s look back at this summer's most popular career advice on BioSpace. 
  • Even if you think networking just “isn’t your thing,” you can’t deny the power it holds to help you land the job you want.
  • Summer is coming to an end, but the job front is still sizzling. Check out the top companies who are looking for candidates like you right now!
  • Whether you’re considering moving into a leadership position or already leading a team, find out if you have the most common personality and character traits that define a great leader:
  • "Quitting with class" means separating yourself from your current employer in such a way that you leave your professional reputation intact, keep those bridges unburnt, and even set yourself up for glowing recommendations (or even another future job offer?) from your employer.
  • Whether you’re a recent graduate about to embark on your career or a seasoned professional navigating the difficult waters of professional development and career pathing, a mentor can be an invaluable resource for career advice, support, connections, and encouragement.
  • Making the step up into a management position is an important professional milestone. Before you either ask to move into a leadership position or rush to accept a promotion you’ve been ofterd from your employer, you should reflect on your own set of strengths, weaknesses, skills, and desires to e...
  • It’s common knowledge now that most employers screen a job candidate’s social media presence to get a better sense of their background, character, lifestyle, and professionalism.
  • Being active on the job market can be somewhat of an overwhelming undertaking. As the old cliche goes, “it’s a full time job looking for a full time job.” While it’s ok to cut yourself some slack if you’ve been knocking down doors (or sending out resumes) for a while to no avail, you don’t want t...
  • Sometimes the decision to look for a new employer and actively put yourself on the job market is a complicated one that includes a lot of hand-wringing, second-guessing, and hesitation.
  • If you’re currently on the job market or considering looking for a new job soon, you’ll want to take stock of your “new employer wish list” and evaluate the things you want from a new job that you consider non-negotiable, important but not necessary, or nice but completely non-essential.
  • Whether you’ve been on the job market for a few weeks, months, or in the case of some academic positions maybe even years, being passed over for opportunities time and time again can really do a number on your morale and confidence level.
  • Check out these 10 inspiring, motivating Ted Talks when you're on the job market. They'll make you think, look your goals and fears squarely in the face, and give you some much-needed perspective during a time of great change and opportunity. 
  • Check out these five things you can do to before asking for a promotion.
  • It’s likely your worst-case professional scenario – being fired from your job. But being fired doesn’t always have to spell failure for your professional life or your morale level.
  • Avoid these top three roadblocks during the job search process
  • There are a lot of factors that must come together in order to make a “great” workplace. A new report suggests that two of the key features of a great workplace are a “strong sense of purpose and lived-out values.”