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  • Six of the Most Valuable Soft Skills Employers Will Be Hiring for in 2019
    Evaluating job candidates for their soft skills rather than their technical know-how, education, or professional training has become a top priority for many, if not most, employers.
  • Why are some people enthusiastic about going to work in the morning, while others are miserable? Is it the person or is it the job? Many people haven’t stopped to consider if they might be contributing to their own unhappiness at work. 
  • A new year calls for a renewed sense of focus, direction, and motivation in your career. It’s a time to let go of the bad habits that have been holding you back professionally, and replace them with newer, better strategies that will help you to have a year of growth and success in 2019.
  • California’s life science sector is a major player in the state’s job creation and economic development. In 2016, life science companies in California employed more than 360,000 professionals.
  • Here are 7 questions to ask yourself during the New Year to find out if you’re on the right path to achieving your career goals in 2019.
  • Holidays mean a lot of opportunity to socialize with people both within and outside of your field, and if you happen to be on the job market or considering making a career switch in 2019, it can also be a great opportunity to make organic connections with people who may end up helping you out in ...
  • Flexible hours. More vacation time. Work from home. Free gym memberships. Free snacks. Company-sponsored outings. Student loan payment assistance. These are some of the perks that companies dangle in order to attract top talent to their ranks.
  • Should you be looking for another job? Or are you actually in a good employment situation, and simply being carried away by others’ experiences on LinkedIn or Facebook? Having a positive attitude in the workplace is necessary for you to progress in your career development. 
  • There is a common misconception that hiring slows down during November and December. If anything, this is when you should ramp up your efforts to find great candidates. There are several reasons for this.
  • Do you know what your “dream job” is?  Would you be able to identify it if you had multiple job offers?  Many people are in search of a dream job, but don’t really know how to find one and what makes it different than other average job opportunities.
  • Many job seekers take it for granted that the holidays are not the best time to be on the job market, so they suspend their job hunt until after the new year. Others get distracted by all of the holiday hullabaloo and don’t put as much time and effort into their search as they need to.
  • What happens in the final moments of a job interview is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of the entire job seeking or hiring process, and how you conduct yourself at these critical final moments can sway the offer in your favor (or out of it), especially if you’re in tight competition ...
  • If you’re applying for multiple jobs at the same time, perhaps over several weeks or months, things can quickly spiral out of control. You can easily find yourself with 10 or 20 different versions of your resume or cover letter floating around on your desktop, requests for materials coming at you...
  • Do you need a new job, like, yesterday? Whatever your reasons for needing (or wanting) a new employer as quickly as possible, if you’re looking to kick your job search into overdrive there are a number of things you can do to speed things along.
  • “Internal networking” is much the same as regular professional networking, except that the connections or ‘network’ you’re building come from your current employer.
  • Your employment or work history section of your resume is likely the single most important category in the entire document and, when done well, can make a powerful case to your potential employer about how and why you’re well qualified for their open position.
  • Sometimes you don’t have days or weeks to prepare for a job interview. Sometimes, you may only have a few hours… If you’re called in for a last-minute job interview, don’t assume that there’s nothing meaningful you can do to prepare in the hours and minutes leading up to the meeting.
  • Going into a job interview, especially when you really want the job or don’t have much experience on the job market, can be a nerve-wracking few hours for many candidates.
  • If you’re considering a future in life science, there’s a good chance a lucrative salary isn’t the biggest draw. For many who choose science careers, the opportunity to satisfy an innate curiosity is more important than a stellar income.
  • Unlike the professional skills and experiences you gain through formal training or education, soft skills are those elusive interpersonal skills, personality traits, character attributes, or communication styles that will determine how you interact with your colleagues and the success or failure ...