Theraly Fibrosis Inc. Licenses Scarab Genomics’ Bacterial Production Technologies for its Pharmaceutical Program

Madison, WI, and Germantown, MD Feb 4, 2019 -- Scarab Genomics LLC, a global biotechnology company focused on developing breakthrough technologies in biomanufacturing by applying its proprietary Clean Genome® E. coli expression and production systems for the manufacturing of proteins, single chain antibodies, plasmid DNA including retroviral, lentiviral, and shRNA vectors, and RNA and Theraly Fibrosis Inc., a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to develop innovative medicines for curing fibrotic diseases, today announced that they have entered into a license agreement to allow Theraly Fibrosis to fully exploit Scarab Genomics’ technology for the production of a protein for its core therapeutic program.

“We are very pleased to support Theraly Fibrosis’ therapeutic program with our unique technology,” said Dr. Pascal Longchamp, Scarab Genomics’ Chief Corporate and Commercial Officer. “Using the Clean Genome® E. coli we have expressed hundreds of biological targets ranging from proteins to single chain antibodies to RNA and DNA. In the process, Scarab has generated custom strains and vectors to address the specific challenges for each biological class, and if needed, further refined the system for each target. The versatility of our production system offers solutions not only for large-scale production of commercial products through seamless scale-up of the manufacturing process but also rapid turnaround production for personalized cancer vaccines for instance. This license further demonstrates the potential of the Clean Genome® E. coli as the platform of choice for manufacturing biologics.”

“We firmly believe that the cutting-edge technology of Scarab Genomics has the potential to dramatically enhance the efficiency of development of biological products,” said Viktor Roschke, Theraly Fibrosis CEO. "This will allow us to significantly speed up the delivery of our revolutionary drugs to patients in need." Under the agreement, Theraly Fibrosis Inc. has the exclusive right to use Scarab Genomics’ technology throughout the development and commercialization of its therapeutic protein for an upfront fee, clinical milestones and commercial payments. Specific terms of the license agreement were not disclosed.

About Scarab Genomics LLC

Scarab Genomics, a privately held U.S.-based biotechnology company, is bringing to market its own pipeline of biologics and collaborating with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to support the development and commercialization of their therapeutic pipeline.

Scarab Genomics is on market with CRM197, a carrier protein used in conjugate vaccines and immuno-oncology. Scarab Genomics production system is based on the combination of its proprietary Clean Genome® E. coli production host coupled with its proprietary bacterial continuous flow fermentation manufacturing process. The company is constantly developing, testing and patenting additional features for its strains, such as protein folding, metabolism improvements, rare and non-canonical tRNA and

expression mechanisms to reduce costs, improve turnaround time, and foster small volume production for personalized medicine in human therapeutics.

About Theraly Fibrosis Inc.

Theraly Fibrosis is a biopharmaceutical company with the mission of developing revolutionary therapies for curing fibrotic diseases. The lead product, TLY012, targets fundamental upstream mechanisms of fibrogenesis, providing a unique opportunity to develop curative therapies for multiple life-threatening fibrotic conditions.


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