Viscus Biologics Introduces New Solubilized Collagen Bioink for Use in Bioprinting, Drug Screening and Regenerative Medicine

Product launches at BIO International, booth #1021

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Viscus Biologics, LLC, designer and manufacturer of allograft and xenograft extracellular matrix materials for biomedical applications, announces the launch of its new high concentration solubilized collagen for use in drug screening and testing, available for consideration at BIO International, June 4th-7th in Boston, in booth #1021.

Collagen is a fibrous protein found in connective tissue. Its main function is to sustain tendons, skin and cartilage, providing integrity, firmness and elasticity to their structure and overall providing the matrix that supports the body’s structure.

Solubilized collagen is collagen molecules dissolved into solution and is used in 3D printing bioinks and in the regenerative medicine industry. Various cell types such as skin, muscle, liver, kidney, bone, or nerve may be added to a bioink and then extruded through a 3D bioprinter to form a 3D tissue. Collagen bioinks have been used to 3D print such "organoid” tissue forms which are then used in drug discovery screening and tissue engineering applications.

“The Viscus Biologics solubilized collagen is one of the higher collagen concentration collagens on the market at up to 35 mg/mL. We also are able to produce GMP solubilized collagen, which we believe will eventually make its way into the clinic in future bioprinting medical applications,” said Peter Gingras, CEO, Viscus Biologics.

Solubilized collagen is created by treating collagen from animal tissue and then adding acid and/or enzymes to dissolve and bring the collagen into solution. The solution is subsequently purified, concentrated, and pH adjusted and packaged into individual units.

“Precision medicine is growing, and gene therapies are being cleared by the FDA. It’s an exciting time, and there’s growing demand for 3D printing of cells and tissue. Bioprinting with collagen allows one to develop tissues with high structural complexity while maintaining flexibility and personalization of the design,” said Gingras.

About Viscus Biologics

Viscus Biologics designs, manufactures, packages and delivers allograft and xenograft extracellular matrix materials for biomedical applications. An FDA-registered company, Viscus Biologics follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and has an ISO 13485 certified quality system with the ability to customize properties such as the collagen concentration, the pH, and the presence/absence of crosslinking agents in the collagen bioink, specific to customer and partner needs. To learn more or for inquiries about custom concentrations or bioinks, visit:, call: 216.744.2740, or email:


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