Tripep Receives Approval for Expanding the ChronVac-C(R) Study with One More Vaccination

Published: Dec 03, 2009

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STOCKHOLM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Tripep (STO:TPEP) received the approval from the Swedish Medical Products Agency and the local ethical committee to give three patients in the highest dose group in the ChronVac-C® study one additional treatment with the therapeutic vaccine. All twelve patients in the study have earlier received four treatments with ChronVac-C® given at three different doses and one month apart. The highest dose was given to six patients. Three patients in the high dose group will now be offered to receive a fifth therapeutic vaccination with ChronVac-C® 6 to 12 months after the last vaccination before receiving standard of therapy with interferon and ribavirin. The purpose is to determine if there are beneficial effects from additional so called booster-doses. The three patients will be followed for one month after the fifth therapeutic vaccination where after they also receive standard of therapy.

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