Top 10 Reasons Steve Jobs Will Be Missed By Apple Employees

Published: Aug 25, 2011

By Glassdoor

The world is buzzing about Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple and likely will be for weeks. After all, Jobs founded the company decades ago in his garage and has led the tech giant with groundbreaking innovations from the Apple II in the 1980’s to the iPad 2 earlier this year.

But Jobs wasn’t just a tech genius, he was a highly rated CEO (97% approval rating) with thousands of employees who will sincerely miss his outstanding leadership. But what is it that made Jobs a well-liked boss?

Glassdoor turns to those who know best – the employees who work at Apple.

Top 10 Reasons Steve Jobs Will Be Missed By Apple Employees

1. “Steve Jobs is the Thomas Edison of this century…the Steve Jobs keynote presentations are as close to ‘rock star’ as an engineer is ever going to get.” – Apple Middle Manager (Cupertino, CA)

2. “You will have lots of opportunity to practice working in a somewhat chaotic, but often creative workplace, and to benefit from the genius of Steve Jobs.” – Apple Employee (Cupertino, CA)

3.Steve Jobs is on top of things; if he see’s bureaucracy he will cut it out, and even if he doesn’t there is a fear that if he does see you as a bureaucrat he will cut you out.” – Apple Software Engineer IV (Cupertino, CA)

4. “Absolutely loved working for Uncle Steve. The corporation, even as a corporation, was a great thing to be a part of.” – Apple Genius (Mission Viejo, CA)

5. “Great senior level management, I can see how Steve Jobs gets voted the Best CEO.” – Apple Engineer (Cupertino, CA)

6.Steve Jobs is revered at the company. He seems to be a great leader and everyone is excited about the products.” – Apple Employee (Cupertino, CA)

7. “It’s one of the most exciting places to work for! Watching Apple grow in the Steve 2.0 era has been nothing short of astonishing.” – Apple Network Engineer (Cupertino, CA)

8.Apple takes care of its employees. Full time workers receive health benefits, all employees are offered stock options and very good prices on previous generation apple products.” – Apple Mac Specialist (location n/a)

9. “I am proud to say that I work for Apple. The products speak for themselves and it is great to be able to use them.” - Apple Project Manager (Austin, TX)

10. “Management is transparent and very friend, great colleagues, pleasant work environment in which you encouraged to be who you are.” – Apple Employee (location n/a)

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