Tocris Bioscience Announces Official Launch of Target Detective

Published: Aug 27, 2008

Tocris Bioscience (Bristol, UK) announced today the official launch of Target Detective,, a new search facility that connects biological targets to research molecules.

Target Detective represents a significant development for pre-clinical researchers working in the Life Sciences field because for the first time scientists can connect receptor, enzyme, protein and gene data to Tocris products, through comprehensive 'Target files'.

A Target File consists of a concise summary of the biological target, together with links to external sources of genetic and pharmacological information. Tocris products with activity at each target are listed here allowing rapid identification of the most relevant research tools.

To use Target Detective, start with any of the following biological search terms: Receptor (e.g. CB2), Enzyme (e.g. MEK), Protein (e.g. p53), Gene Name (Human, mouse and rat genes are currently searchable)

The ability to rapidly identify research tools for biological targets in this way is already proving to be extremely popular and at Tocris we are delighted with the response. We will continue to add Target files and products and in the longer term we hope to make this the most useful resource for Life Science researchers on the internet.

About Tocris Bioscience Tocris Bioscience is a leading supplier of high performance chemicals, peptides and antibodies, with customers in virtually all of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes. The Company is committed to making new life science discoveries possible by providing the highest performing and most innovative range of research reagents.

Tocris Bioscience products are used by scientists carrying out non-clinical research in fields such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and obesity. The Company's product range of over 2,000 reagents represents a unique collection of novel, exclusive and licensed research tools. A major source of key signal transduction reagents and arguably the world leader in the supply of neuroscience reagents, the Company won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Business) in 2002.

Tocris Bioscience is the trading name for the companies in the Tocris Cookson Group. Formed from the 1994 merger of Tocris Neuramin and Cookson Chemicals, Tocris Cookson Ltd is privately held and headquartered in Bristol, UK. Its US subsidiary, Tocris Cookson Inc, is located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. There are approximately 60 employees in the Group worldwide, operating out of two sites in the UK and one in the US. For more information about Tocris Bioscience please visit For more information about Target Detective please visit [More News From Tocris]

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