The "Orgasm Doctor" to Speak at THE Aesthetics Show

The inventor of the Vampire Facelift® & the Orgasm Shot® will present new research regarding the use of blood-derived growth factors to improve sex and appearance


FAIRHOPE, Ala., July 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 6, 2018, at 9 am, at the Wynn in Las Vegas, Dr. Charles Runels, MD (called the "Orgasm Doctor" by Cosmopolitan & by the Guardian, & the inventor of the Orgasm Shot® & the Vampire Facelift®) will present new ideas in the areas of cosmetic and sexual medicine.

Dr. Runels and his colleagues of the Cellular Medicine Association, published research this year in the areas if erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, orgasmic dysfunction, lichen sclerosus, & the treatment of scaring using blood-derived growth factors.

Dr. Runels will share details about his new procedure, the Vampire Wing Lift®, and discuss the controversy of the idea of "rejuvenating" the labia and vagina. Both subjects, "vaginal rejuvenation" and "female sexual dysfunction," frequent both recent popular press and current research efforts.

Should a woman and her physician be able to pay as much attention to the appearance of the labia as she does to her face, legs, and breasts or are physicians simply making women feel insecure about any or all of these parts of her body simply to take advantage of the woman? It's the proverbial chicken and egg question and hiding within that question one could find profound directions for either improving or harming women (depending upon your view). That question runs through much of the current discussion about how to best care for the physical and emotional needs of women and that question prompted much of the research of Dr. Runels' past 20 years' work.

Many thought leaders will be discussing these ideas and more at the Wynn from July 5 through July 8 at The Aesthetic Show.

Dr. Runels will be available for interview at the forum all 4 days and will also have available samples of his new cream, Altar® (which can be used for both the face & the labia).


Charles Runels, MD

Medical Director

Cellular Medicine Association

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