Proxima Clinical Research Launches Early Phase Oncology Network for New Investigational Therapies

Scientific panel of first-in-human clinics and investigators expands Proxima CRO's Phase I and II clinical trials offering with expert insight

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2023 / Proxima Clinical Research ("Proxima CRO"), a contract research organization ("CRO") in Houston, announced today it is expanding its early phase oncology clinical trials offering with its Early Phase Oncology Network, a group of oncology-specific scientific experts and early phase clinical trials clinics that allows for quick and easy site enrollment and expert insight, feedback, and guidance in first-in-human Phase I and Phase II clinical oncology trials.

"The CRO's job is to move innovative therapies through the FDA journey to market as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible," says Robbin Frnka, Executive Director of Clinical Development and Strategy at Proxima CRO. "Finding the right clinical sites and investigators with the right patients is one of the biggest struggles of early phase clinical trials. Our Early Phase Oncology Network, which we're calling EPON, includes some of the most prominent investigators in early phase trials. Receiving expert feedback, insight, and guidance from this skilled scientific panel is critical to the success of these earliest phase trials."

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Proxima CRO, based in Houston, announces its Early Phase Oncology Network, a specialized first-in-human scientific panel and network of clinical research sites to advance new investigational therapies throughout the administration of Phase I and II clinical trials.

Mary Crowley Cancer Research is a specialized clinical research center in Dallas, Texas that offers access to new investigational therapies through the administration of Phase I and II clinical trials. An early adopter within the Proxima CRO EPON network, the research sites work collaboratively to advance groundbreaking cancer research.

"Proxima CRO's EPON is a valuable asset for Mary Crowley Cancer Research, expanding our access to more innovative clinical trials which helps us save more lives," Jennifer Fox, Interim CEO of Mary Crowley Cancer Research said. "Our comprehensive team provides investigational therapies through the administration of clinical trials to patients in need. Our work with Proxima empowers our vital mission with its in-depth and efficient network."

"As an early stage investigator in Proxima‘s oncology network, I can offer hope to my incurable cancer patients while contributing to the advancement of cancer research," Minal Barve, MD, Executive Medical Director of Mary Crowley Cancer Research said. "As members of the EPON and specialists in the field of early phase clinical trials, we offer sponsors both operational and clinical feedback to improve the quality of their trial, moving promising research forward effectively and quickly. On the ground feedback is a valuable foundation as a product moves forward in the FDA approval process laying the groundwork for better success in the market."

Headquartered in the Texas Medical Center Innovation Center at the heart of healthcare and life sciences innovation in Houston, Proxima CRO has a vast network of cancer research clinics both in the United States and globally across 17 countries on five contents. Proxima's EPON includes a global network of Phase I cancer research clinics and investigators serving patients who need innovative treatments for their advanced cancers. Proxima CRO's EPON will advance conceptual development and translational applications as much as it will serve as a conduit to the most innovative treatment modalities in investigational cancer therapies.

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