Pharmaceutical Executive Francis Cuss Joins Glympse Bio Board

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Glympse Bio, Inc., a life science company developing in vivo activity sensors to transform disease detection, monitoring and drug response, announced today that Francis Cuss has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Dr. Cuss retired from Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2017, having served as Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer and head of R&D since 2013 and as a member of BMS’s Senior Management Team since 2010. He led Research at the company for a decade, during which time a number of innovative medicines in hepatitis, cardiology and immuno-oncology, from both in-house and external programs, reached patients.

Stan Lapidus, Chairman of the Board of Glympse, commented, “Glympse continues to attract luminaries across the biopharma industry who share our commitment to transforming the way we detect and monitor disease and determine drug response. We are very pleased to have Francis join our team.”

“We could not ask for a better contributor for the Glympse Board than Francis Cuss,” said Amy Schulman, Polaris Partner and Glympse Board Director. “His experience guiding discoveries through to patients, including leading stand-alone programs and leveraging collaborative partnerships, will be invaluable at Glympse as we advance our pipeline.”

“I very much believe that Glympse Bio’s vision of using activity sensors for rapid and non-invasive disease monitoring and drug response holds the potential to both accelerate drug development and offer significantly improved options for patients and physicians,” said Dr. Cuss. “I look forward to adding my expertise to the strong strategic, operational, scientific and clinical experience of the team to bring the Glympse platform to patients as soon as possible.”

Dr. Cuss is a physician-scientist with a background in general and academic medicine, who has deep experience in pharmaceutical research, clinical development and executive management. He has held significant roles within global biopharma companies during a career of more than 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Schering-Plough and Glaxo.

He is a member of the board of directors of Novo Holdings A/S, Denmark and Rubius Therapeutics, and serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Cuss was a practicing physician with a specialization in pulmonary medicine in the UK. He holds medical degrees from Cambridge University, U.K. and is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine. He has published numerous articles and book chapters on topics of medical interest and organizational effectiveness.

Glympse Bio, a spin-out from the laboratory of Sangeeta Bhatia, M.D., Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed a novel platform of highly tunable bioengineered activity sensors to query the body for disease status and report out clinically relevant insights rapidly and noninvasively. The Company’s development pipeline features programs in a variety of cancers, immune and infectious diseases; its lead indication targets non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) - a growing pandemic that causes fibrosis and scarring of the liver – believed to afflict more than 100 million people worldwide and 15 million in the United States alone.

Glympse Bio is pioneering an in vivo sensing technology dedicated to transforming disease monitoring. The company has built a product engine enabling rapid development of tunable and bioengineered activity sensors for multiple indications including fibrosis, cancer, immunology and infectious diseases. The technology has been validated in 10 different diseases using multiple delivery methods and a broad range of analytical readouts. Glympse aims to improve healthcare globally by serving the needs of patients, clinicians, researchers, drug developers, and payors to help advance the science and our understanding of human diseases. The company is based at the Lab Central incubator in Cambridge, MA. For more information, please visit


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Source: Glympse Bio, Inc.

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