Perthera Launches New Website To Provide "A New Understanding Of Precision Medicine And Cancer"

Company says it is preparing to launch other products and services to use precision medicine to Democratize Cancer Care

MCLEAN, Va., March 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Perthera, Inc., a McLean, VA-based precision medicine company, said today that it has launched a new website that went "live" earlier in February, and that it is preparing the introduction of other services and products in the near future to help the Company expand its lead as a global precision medicine leader.

"Our goal for the website was not simply to introduce Perthera to cancer patients and the members of their cancer care team, but we also brought a serious commitment to providing accurate and robust information about the role precision medicine can play in the treatment of cancer," said Perthera CEO and President, Andrew Mignatti.

Mignatti stated that the site covers topics including clinical trials, multi-omics, links to cancer patient advocacy organizations, an explanation of what actually defines "precision medicine" and more generic questions that would be relevant to any cancer patient or loved one who has an unending thirst for information in Plain English and without a sales pitch.

"As precision medicine evolves, it is certainly having an increasingly deep impact on the practice of medicine, but the concept of precision medicine has also been hyped. Sometimes, the precision medicine label is embraced by a lab that only provides genomic testing or clinical trial matchmaking. Although those services are critical, precision medicine is so much more. Unfortunately, and ironically, precision medicine as a medical discipline itself has not been defined precisely, resulting in some people who need information not getting it and some people getting information incompletely or in a misleading way, often with regrettable negative consequences," Mignatti explained. "Our site is not the be-all and end-all to explaining precision medicine as completely as it should be explained, but we do believe we've made a great start, especially for those with a need to obtain high-quality information quickly. We'll keep working to make our site even more valuable for those seeking information about precision medicine and cancer, and that includes doctors, other medical professionals and pharmaceutical firms for whom we are also providing precision medicine technology and services," continued Mignatti.

The Democratization of Cancer Care:

Perthera's co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Emanuel "Chip" Petricoin, Ph.D., said that the expanded website is "a significant step in the fulfillment of the mission we had when we started this business: to democratize cancer care."

According to Petricoin, he believes that precision medicine can bring world-class cancer care to any cancer patient wherever they may be and especially when they do not have access to the famous cancer care institutions.

"Of course, the most important way for us to achieve that goal is focusing on creating, continually improving, and providing a robust process for the analysis of a cancer tumor and identification of specific treatment possibilities based on our marriage of biological, computational and human expertise. But non-medical achievements, such as our new website, are also critical for truly democratizing cancer treatment," stated Petricoin.

Petricoin also stated that the Company's recent launch of a report written in understandable plain English about the molecular makeup of a patient's cancer was another "non-medical" but nevertheless "very significant" step in democratizing cancer care.

Forthcoming New Technologies:

"We have a very bold goal to become one of the world leaders in providing precision medicine expertise, and we'll keep introducing new services, products, and technology to merit that position," Mignatti added.

"For example, as we have been building our Precision Cancer Analysis (PCA) process, we have expanded the computer and communication technology components that enhance the quality of the PCA and integrates the sometimes-dismissed but always critical input of human expertise. We are getting very positive reactions to the addition of these technologies, in particular among our clinical and institutional clients. We are preparing to introduce some of those components as an individual or bundled services and products."

Mignatti said the launch of these new technologies would be "imminent."

ABOUT PERTHERA, INC.: Perthera is a founder- and growth fund-backed company founded in 2012 and based in McLean, VA, that has touched thousands of lives by providing precision medicine benefits to cancer patients, their loved ones, and the entire cancer care ecosystem. Perthera leverages biological, computational, and human information and expertise, through a growing family of integrated products and services often using the company's own proprietary technology, systems, and data.

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