Oral Science Brings Its Minty Fresh Take on Oral Health Directly to Consumers

Canadian Brand Oral Science Has Delivered Quality Products to B2B Customers for Years. Now, They're Offering Their Superior Dental Solutions to Consumers.


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The health experts at Oral Science have finally taken the leap into the B2C market. This comes after years of distributing their dental hygiene products to a customer base primarily comprised of professionals such as dental hygienists, dentists, and pharmacists in the company's home country of Canada. Looking to capitalize on their past success, throughout 2020, Oral Science has striven to find new ways to provide its high-performance dental hygiene products directly to consumers, as well.

In addition, Oral Science has been seeking inroads into the U.S., in order to reproduce the tremendous success that they've achieved north of the border with a new American audience. Of particular note, their attendance at the virtual Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference served as an effective launching point to present their array of impressive dental hygiene products to a much larger customer base that included many larger U.S. distributors.

Prominent amongst the company's product assortment is its CariØ toothpaste, which comes in both an adult and a "Junior" version. The natural product boasts a unique and proven formula that includes 25% xylitol amongst its ingredients. This allows the product to naturally and effectively prevent cariogenic bacteria and lesions from causing cavities. This is done without the need for fluoride, a request that is becoming increasingly common amongst modern, informed consumers. The CariØ product line claims to allow a robust 60% fewer cavities than toothpaste that is made with regular fluoride. It also is free of plastic particles, reflecting its maker's sustainably-focused priorities.

The attention to detail in the manufacturing of CariØ toothpaste is a testament to the quality of Oral Science's unique approach to dental hygiene. In addition, the company's consumer-focused long-term goals and vision are encapsulated by its CEO, Daniel Menard, who explained, "We are very passionate about collaborating with leading dental professionals to support them in integrating the most innovative and evidence-based products that can help optimize their results." In other words, Oral Science's primary goal is to help dentists and their ancillary support systems provide the best possible quality of service to their clientele — i.e. the consumer that they are now targeting directly, as well.

Oral Science's products and mission to collaborate with dental professionals in the name of providing an optimal experience for their customers has established the Canadian brand as a genuine authority within their industry. It will be worth watching this promising young company as it looks to build on its firm footing in the Canadian healthcare industry by aggressively expanding its product offerings to both businesses and consumers alike in a larger geographic marketplace.

About Oral Science: Oral Science is a Canadian dental company that was established in 2004. Since their inception, they've created a remarkable line of products, many of which utilize their one-of-a-kind, all-natural bioflavonoid compound Citrox®. Oral Science has effectively supported the dental community for nearly two decades and is looking to amplify its impact by increasing its international e-commerce footprint, enabling the company to expand to a direct business-to-consumer model.

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