NeurOptics Launches Pupillometry Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- NeurOptics, the leader in the science of pupillometry, recently announced that its NPi®-200 pupillometers and the Neurological Pupil Index™ (NPi®) are now being used in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, a highly acclaimed teaching hospital in Nashville, Tenn., as an important measurement for managing patients with brain injury.

Vanderbilt’s 24-bed Neuro ICU implemented 12 of NeurOptics’ NPi®-200 pupillometers, or one pupillometer per nurse. As a comprehensive stroke center, Vanderbilt has one of the largest Neuro ICUs in the country, treating patients from all over the southeastern region of the United States. Pupillometry and NPi will provide nurses and clinicians with an accurate, reliable, and objective measurement of pupil size and reactivity to support the assessment of neurological examinations in patients with brain injury across a broad spectrum of diagnoses, including traumatic brain injury, stroke and patients with other primary diagnoses at risk of secondary neurological injury.

“We are proud to support Vanderbilt University Medical Center as it implements pupillometry in its award-winning Neuro ICU,” said Kathleen Pierson, Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing. “Pupillometry using NeurOptics' NPi will allow the Neuro ICU team to objectively and accurately track changes in the pupillary light reflex over time, helping to inform treatment decisions for patients with brain injury. Adding Vanderbilt to the more than 480 hospitals across the U.S. that have adopted NeurOptics’ pupillometers strengthens our continued drive to create innovative technology that may help inform medical decision making and improve patient outcomes."

Automated infrared pupillometry is an objective assessment of the pupillary light reflex that is measured using NeurOptics’ NPi-200 Pupillometer. The NPi-200 Pupillometer measures pupil size and reactivity, expressed as the Neurological Pupil index (NPi). NPi values range from 0 to 4.9, with scores under 3 considered abnormal. The pupillometer eliminates the variability and subjectivity inherent in manual pupillary evaluation, providing more accurate, reliable, and objective pupil size and reactivity measurement for this vital component of neurological examinations in patients with the potential for brain injury.

About NeurOptics

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., NeurOptics is the leader in the science of pupillometry. Driven by a passion to help clinicians improve patient outcomes, NeurOptics develops and markets innovative technology for use in critical care medicine, neurology, neurosurgery, emergency medicine, and research. The NeurOptics NPi-200 Pupillometer has been included in more than 70 clinical studies, adopted in over 480 hospitals in the United States, and is represented in more than 26 countries worldwide. For more information, visit Follow NeurOptics on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @NeurOpticsInc.


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Source: NeurOptics

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