Key Capital to Focus on Oral Pill Cancer Treatment Success

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 18, 2021 / KEY CAPITAL CORPORATION (OTC PINK:KCPC) advises the following to clarify the Company's corporate focus, direction, and progress. Also, for the public to better understand the Company, its mission, and its opportunity.

Following management change and Company repositioning, there has been substantial progress as has been advised through press releases. However, following recent inquiries, Key Capital clarifies that its primary focus is to progress its partnered Immunitor therapeutic vaccines through to formal registrations.

Cancer Vaccines - Immunitor V5 Series:

The Immunitor cancer vaccines are the Company's primary focus, as they have already demonstrated treatment success in late stage and terminal cases of liver cancer as well as in other cancers.

As has previously been reported, there is no immunotherapy product in the market that even comes close to the 12-month over 90% survival rate achieved in 75 patients in an Open-label Phase II advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) clinical trial. Similar success has been reported by Immunitor in other cancers through its peer-reviewed publications and extensive patent documentation, including in breast, cervical/uterine, prostate, brain tumors and leukemia.

Significantly, in each case the affordable Immunitor V5 Series therapeutic vaccines were administered as daily oral pills that demonstrated no side effects. Affirming the safety, mechanism and performance of the Immunitor therapeutic vaccines for cancer in Western-standard clinical studies is now the single objective in order that regulatory product approvals are achieved.


Key Biotec, a division of Key Capital, is leading the renewed research initiatives in its partnering with Immunitor. A CRO is in process of being secured to run the clinical trials, globally recognized scientists are joining the existing team as well as being appointed in advisory positions, the clinical trial strategy is being formulated with focus on the Immunitor V5 FDA Orphan Drug designated HCC candidate, up to US$30 million in development funding is being progressed with a number of interested parties through Key Biotec, and Key Capital will also complete a small Private Placement to supplement working capital.

Revenue Generation:

While the cancer treatment research is being progressed, Key Capital will commence revenue generation as from the 2021 second quarter. This will be achieved through the global launch of two significant dietary supplements the Company has partnered with Immunitor, and through the distribution of a range of unique natural health and antiaging products.

The first 50,000 supplement doses of each supplement have already been formulated, manufactured, and certified at Immunitor's GMP facility in Thailand in preparation for their respective launches.

Mental Health Supplement - MaxCellLife MIND:

MaxCellLife MIND is a breakthrough all-natural dietary supplement launching in the US$18 billion anxiety and stress mental health product market. MaxCellLife MIND is designed to support the body naturally dealing with the challenges of stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • MIND is a unique proprietary M.vaccae and ionic Magnesium combination
  • MIND uses the Immunitor patented oral pill delivery technology assuring delivery to the heart of the body's immune system in the gut, without it being degraded.
  • M.vaccae is a unique natural probiotic that many studies report support its potential for activation of increased serotonin levels, that in turn may improve mood.

The major challenge of how to get sufficient M.vaccae and proprietary ionic magnesium to the gut was resolved through leveraging our partnered Immunitor patented oral pill technology.

MaxCellLife MIND provides natural support for stress and anxiety without side effects. The Company is also pleased to advise that response to date from a small population of largely university students that have been trying MaxCellLife MIND is overwhelmingly positive.

Immune Supplement - MaxCellLife 24/7 IMMUNE:

WHO advises up to 650,000 people die annually due to flu which helps fuel demand for cold and flu supplements to boost immunity in a market forecast to grow to over US$23 billion in the next 5 years. The current coronavirus pandemic has accelerated demand for cold and flu supplements with the Asian region accounting for over 35% of this growing market.

As is well known, the immune system is the body's first line of defense against infection by viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Magnesium is one of the immune system's critically needed minerals, and it is widely reported that around 50% of the western population is deficient in magnesium, which in turn means their immune systems are likely compromised to some degree. It is also known that the immune system, as well as magnesium independently, supports natural ribosome instruction that helps to create, repair, and protect DNA and proteins.

So, introducing 24/7 IMMUNE, the powerful Immunitor ionic form of magnesium directly to the heart of the immune system gut mucosa, may well support natural immunity function. Preliminary independent laboratory tissue culture testings, through a leading Asian research institute have also affirmed that the 24/7 IMMUNE magnesium compound is safe and may strengthen antiviral defense, including against COVID-19 for which it has been successfully independently tested.

It is noted that the USA CDC advice on "COVID-19 and Nutrition for Health" includes: "Dietary supplements aren't meant to treat or prevent COVID-19. Certain vitamins and minerals may have effects on how our immune system works to fight off infections, as well as inflammation and swelling."

As previously reported, Company Chairman, Peter Boonen has stated,

"Magnesium is critical for and supports healthy immunity, and we have significant expectancy for our unique 24/7 IMMUNE magnesium supplement. But it is important to understand that this supplement is not a medicine or treatment for COVID-19 or any disease or other medical condition. While we believe it beneficial to supplement the immune system with our supplements, we strongly advise any person with a medical condition to seek and follow advice from their healthcare professional."

Status of Quotation on OTC Markets:

The Company has engaged an experienced accounting professional who has been working to finalize the Key Capital delinquent quarterly and Annual accounts for the past two and a quarter year period. These accounts are expected to be lodged in the next quarter, along with quotation application and payment of annual OTC Markets fees. It is expected that this will provide for the Company's securities to be again quoted by market makers.


Immunitor, Key Capital's Licensor and Partner is well recognized globally as a pioneer in oral vaccines development. Immunitor has been researching and developing oral pill vaccines for over two decades and has reported game changing success in human clinical trials in HCC Liver Cancer and many other medical conditions, that have been extensively published in leading peer reviewed medical journals.

Key Capital Corporation:

The Company's focus is on the further development of its oral pill therapeutic vaccines through its Key Biotec and Immunitor partnering, particularly on advancing the highly-promising FDA Orphan Drug Designated V5 HCC liver cancer candidate. Additionally, where products can be marketed as supplements, the Company will actively explore these options.

For further information see: and - and for all inquiries please contact: Key Capital at +1 (646) 401-0177, or Peter Boonen, Chairman, at


Notice: The statements made in this Press Release, or on our websites, and in or on any of our product packaging have not been evaluated by the FDA or any other global authority or regulatory body. The magnesium immune products are not intended or represented to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. The information provided in this Press Release, or on our websites, and in or on any of our product packaging, is for informational purposes and not intended as medical advice, which in all cases should always be obtained from your doctor or other qualified health care professional.

Disclaimer: Statements made in this press release that express the Company or management's intentions, plans, beliefs, expectations, or predictions of future events, are forward-looking statements. The words "believe," "expect," "intend," "estimate," "anticipate," "will" and similar expressions are intended to further identify such forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. Those statements are based on many assumptions and are subject to many known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause the Company's actual activities, results or performance to differ materially from those anticipated or projected in such forward-looking statements. The Company cannot guarantee future financial results, levels of activity, performance or achievements and investors should not place undue reliance on the Company's forward-looking statements.

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