Fusion PPE Experiencing Increase In Consumer Sales Of N95 Respirators Amidst COVID-19 Surge


PAOLI, Pa., Oct 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Amidst the COVID-19 surge and countries going back into lockdown, it is critical that our nation and its citizens have an ongoing supply of authentic personal protective equipment (PPE). Fusion PPE continues to deliver genuine PPE including its CDC and NIOSH-approved N95 to medical professionals, businesses, and NOW a growing general consumer clientele.

Fusion PPE's Consumer Sales of N95 Respirators Increases Amidst COVID-19 Surge

 Fusion PPE is a trusted medical sales company lead by a team of industry executives with 30 years of experience. Their comprehensive collection of PPE includes N95s, single use face masks, reusable antimicrobial face masks, face shields, Orbel™ Personal Hand Sanitizing Devices, wipes, air purifiers, coronavirus tests, and more. Its products are available for immediate delivery in various quantities, for consumers and corporations.

"Fusion PPE has supplied legitimate PPE to front liners, hospital workers, small and large business owners, schools, and individuals since the onset of COVID-19. We hope to continue to keep all of our country's citizens healthy and businesses open as this surge of the virus collides with colder months and the flu," said Mark Rubino, Founder, Fusion PPE

Fusion PPE clients include Shriners Hospitals for Children, National Football League teams, United States Airforce, J.P. Morgan, doctors, dentists, schools, television professionals, restaurants, gyms, and other small to large businesses.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have served in multiple urgent care centers and completed several patient home visits. For my patients, family, and myself, protection from coronavirus is of utmost importance. I wear appropriate PPE including an N95 mask, surgical mask, gown, gloves, and eye protection. N95 masks and surgical masks, since they keep out more than 95% of small viral particles, are critical supplies for health care workers and other front liners. Thank you to Fusion PPE for providing quality supplies and keeping my patients and me safe and healthy," said Dr. Janine Darby, M.D., Board-Certified Obesity and Family Medicine Physician and CEO of Lifestyle Changes, www.lifestylechangesllc.com

About Fusion PPE

Fusion PPE is a division of Fusion Healthcare Solutions, LLC, an established surgical and healthcare supplier since 2009. Founders Mark Rubino and Matthew Hurley created Fusion PPE to meet the demand due to COVID-19. To learn more visit www.FusionPPE.com or call 1-800-991-5977. Follow Fusion PPE on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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