Do-Coop Technologies Introduces Neowater(TM) - Solubilization Enhancer To Its Expanding Product Portfolio

Published: Apr 06, 2006

OR-YEHUDA, Israel, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Do-Coop Technologies Ltd., a privately held corporation based in Israel, announced today the commercial availability of Neowater(TM) - Solubilization Enhancer, a new product that enables or increases the solubility of hydrophobic, insoluble molecules and drugs. As with the entire Neowater-based product line, the Solubilzation Enhancer product is also generic, simple to use, and can be easily incorporated into any type of compounds with dramatic results.

About Neowater

Neowater is an enabling technology that is based on breakthrough water-based nanotechnology. Unlike traditional, dry nanotechnology, which focuses on a nanoparticle end product, Neowater builds upon the unique properties of nanoparticles to modify the physical properties of water molecules around them.

Each nanoparticle within Neowater, with its huge surface, creates an effect known as the "surface effect," and in turn organizes the water molecules surrounding it. This is similar to the surface effect of organelles within living cells. Both the organelles and the nanoparticles use this unique mechanism to create intracellular water. While the former is within cells and organs and cannot be harnessed nor used in a lab bench, the latter one, which is branded as Neowater, can.

This technology, developed in Israel, produces water whose physical properties mimic that of intracellular water using inorganic, insoluble crystals introduced in water in a patented process. Neowater, with its stable system of largely hydrated nano-particles, like non-ionic detergent derived micelles, reduces the entropy of aqueous solutions. In addition, by design, it exhibits both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties.

Neowater-based products significantly accelerate and improve the efficiency of biological reactions.

About Neowater(TM) - Solubilization Enhancer

"Biotech and Pharma companies have in their portfolios a significant amount of compounds and drugs which have been proven effective in vitro, yet they are very insoluble and thus unusable, such as novel cancer therapeutic drugs. Neowater technology dramatically enhances the solubility of those compounds that are difficult-to-solvate, or that are used with common solvents but exhibit poor pharmacokinetics. Using our new product, Biotech and Pharma companies can solubilize these compounds, enhance both their stability and bio-availability, and thus can extend and protect their intellectual property. We have packaged our enabling technology into this unique new product that can replace polar solvents such as detergents and surfactants, alcohols such as ethanol and other broadly used solvents like DMSO. Furthermore, companies can alternatively use this product to reduce the solubility of highly soluble, hydrophilic compounds. We anticipate that Biotech and Pharma companies will use this product in laboratory tests with their own problematic proprietary compounds and drugs, and then return to us to license this unique capability from us. As with all of our other products, Neowater(TM) - Solubilization Enhancer is very easy to use with existing drugs and compounds, and without the need for new equipment or processes," said Eran Gabbai, founder, President and CTO of Do-Coop Technologies, and the inventor of Neowater technology.

Do-Coop Technologies is exhibiting (Booth number 2379) at the upcoming BIO 2006 conference in Chicago, on April 9-12, 2006, and will also present its Neowater technology at the Business Forum on Tuesday, April 11 at 09:34, room "E".

Contact information: Do-Coop Technologies Ltd. Irit Gabbai, +972-3-533-3804

Do-Coop Technologies Ltd.

CONTACT: Contact information: Do-Coop Technologies Ltd., Irit Gabbai,+972-3-533-3804,

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