DIY Consumer Neuroscience: Education and Consultation Services Offered for In-House Consumer Neuro Labs

FLEMINGTON, N.J., Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In-house consumer neuroscience labs are on the rise as technology has become more affordable and ready to use. However, with these new capabilities have come new challenges with misuse of tools and confusion in processing and understanding data. As a leader in supplying cutting edge consumer neuroscience research services to CPG, Healthcare, and Media companies, HCD Research has stepped forward to help clients navigate consumer neuro lab development by offering consultation and custom educational programs which focus on the unique product development needs of clients.

Integrating applied neuroscience and behavioral science with traditional research methods requires different and targeted research designs, applications and equipment based on the product research and development requirements in different industry verticals. We provide a three-phase approach to help build the optimal in-house neuroscience laboratory to meet your needs. First, HCD Research conducts a review of the development environment with a focus on the proposed neuroscience applications of clients. Second, we recommend a design for your lab and our education team recommends lab tools and methods to be acquired. Third, after installation of your lab, HCD Research will provide a customized, basic education program related to applications of neuroscience as well as training related to data collection.

In order to optimize the valuable data that is collected from consumer research labs, HCD Research processes the data as well as analyzes and interprets the data output, helping clients get actionable and meaningful results. The system allows for significant reduction in cost of sampling consumers for neuroscience analysis while optimizing the understanding and usefulness of results through expert analysis by HCD.

Dr. Michelle Niedziela, VP of Research & Innovation at HCD, commented that "Depending on the application of neuroscience methods, different tools, designs and training are required to customize a laboratory for a client. This is not a one size fits all service and requires expertise in creating a combination of the right analytical tools to satisfy the unique needs of product testing for different consumer environments."

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