Cilian AG Receives European Patent For Therapeutic Antibody

Published: Jul 11, 2016

M√ľnster, Germany, July 2016: the European Patent Office granted Cilian a new patent claiming recombinant production of monoclonal antibodies with its proprietary expression system CIPEX which is based on Ciliates.

Cilian already holds a number of patents covering its own therapeutic products manufactured with its technology platform. Patent number for this new coverage is EP 2542575 A1.

Among others, this patent claims a process that allows for the marked improvement of the ADCC function of therapeutic antibodies. Because of the unique naturally occurring glycosylation pattern of ciliates, this will allow for better efficacy of such antibodies against cancer thus rendering glycoengineering obsolete.

About Cilian:

Cilian AG, founded in 2001 by Dr. Marcus Hartmann, is a biotech company developing and marketing a new expression system. It uses eukaryotic single cell microorganisms called Ciliates for the production of therapeutic antibodies, vaccines and enzymes. Cilian applies this platform for the development of its own subunit vaccine for seasonal influenza and a lipase based enzyme preparation to treat exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

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