Bioz Launches Next-Generation Of Industry's First And Only Search Engine For Life Science Experimentation

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - March 07, 2017) - Bioz, Inc., developers of the world's first search engine for life science experimentation, today launched the next-generation of its patent-pending search engine platform. The updated cloud technology includes a new user interface, extensive coverage of scientific articles, a new vendor partner program, and a new level of quality and accuracy of search results, while also offering deep insights on how to best use life science products in experiments.

"Bioz has quickly disrupted and modernized life science research by structuring scientific knowledge to truly guide researchers when conducting their experiments. Ultimately, this aids in advancing scientific research and speeding up the rate of drug discovery," said Daniel Levitt, co-founder and CEO of Bioz. "Today, over 200,000 biopharma company and university researchers from just about every country in the world rely on our industry-changing cloud-based platform, enabling life science researchers to work faster, smarter and more cost-effectively."

The Bioz search engine taps the latest advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to mine and structure hundreds of millions of pages of complex and unstructured scientific papers. This places an unprecedented amount of summarized scientific experimentation knowledge at researchers' fingertips.

Bioz Stars, part of the Bioz platform, provides unbiased and objective algorithmic ratings that are displayed for over 200 million life science products, tools, reagents, lab equipment, instruments, assays and kits. Each product is listed with its own algorithmically determined objective Bioz Star rating. The number of Bioz Stars assigned to a product indicates how well that product is likely to perform in a researcher's experiment. The Bioz Star ratings are calculated solely from objective parameters, and are optimized to serve the research community in choosing the right product for their next experiment.

Complementing each product's Bioz Star rating is a detailed set of product usage insights, guiding researchers on how to best use the selected products in their specific experiments. Product usage guidance is provided to users in the form of over one billion structured and objective data points relating to assay protocol conditions, including: dilution, temperature, time and concentration, among many others.

"Bioz empowers the end user to identify, select and evaluate the optimal reagents and tools enabling rapid biomarker assay development. The platform has built-in features for interrogating data for: reagent selection, supplier ratings, tested applications, user feedback, reviews and publications and also health authority guidance," said Dr. Akash Datwani, Scientist and Clinical Development and Therapeutic Area leader of Genentech (Roche). "We are eager to explore the newly released Bioz platform, with its enhanced UI, expanded corpus and assay-specific protocols. These much-needed features have the promise to unveil available tools and reagents to accelerate discovering and delivering better and safer medicines to patients."

The next-generation Bioz platform, available free to researchers and scientists today, includes:

  • A new user interface: The new platform displays more results in each page, and has a highly intuitive UI and UX focusing on helping researchers quickly find the products they need.

  • New vendor partner program: The new Bioz vendor program streamlines product procurement for researchers, while also providing them with the latest information on new life science products and services. Vendors will gain access to lead generation and branding opportunities.

  • A faster "brain" for search quality: Users will benefit from much faster performance via greater sophistication in product synonym and acronym matching across multiple articles.

  • A smarter "brain" for high-quality search results: Users will also benefit from high-quality search results that are structured using hundreds of sophisticated algorithmic rules that collect, correlate and analyze product data from millions of articles.

  • New deeper structuring: Product results are now structured such that each product is matched with specific assays and the protocol conditions relevant to those assays. This helps researchers to not only identify the best products to use, but to also decide how to best work with each product in their specific assays. These deep data insights are based on the Bioz platform analyzing and summarizing what has worked for other researchers, as detailed within millions of peer-reviewed life science articles.

  • More data: An incredible 26 million scientific articles are now available to aid researchers. Moreover, with the new platform, Bioz is updating its article corpus in real-time so that researchers have access to the very latest material.

"We are thrilled to announce our next-generation Bioz platform, offering researchers from around the world an unparalleled resource for advanced objective ratings information and product usage guidance that is based on the source they most trust, scientific articles," said Dr. Karin Lachmi, co-founder, chief scientific officer and president of Bioz. "Bioz is the industry's only life science platform to offer these key information sets, which are necessary for successful experimentation and research. Thus, Bioz' value proposition is focused not only on 'what to buy,' but also on 'how to use it,' which facilitates much faster and better life science research and drug discovery processes that we can all benefit from."

The news follows on the heels of Frost & Sullivan's recent recognition of Bioz, Inc., with its 2017 North American New Product Innovation Award win. The award recognizes the value-added features and benefits and also increased return on investment (ROI) that the Bioz technology offers customers, which in turn raises Bioz customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

Visit and start using Bioz today to find the best products for your experiments.

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Bioz, Inc. offers the world's first search engine for life science experimentation. The patent-pending software platform combines the work of scientists with advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to help life scientists in academia and biopharma make faster and smarter experimentation decisions, ultimately speeding up drug discovery and increasing the rate of success in finding cures for diseases. Founded in 2013 by Stanford research scientist, Karin Lachmi, Ph.D., and CEO Daniel Levitt, Bioz is a Stanford-StartX accelerator company. Bioz is used by over 200,000 researchers from over 10,000 different universities and companies in 191 countries. Try Bioz at

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