Biochrom Ltd.: Multichannel Microplate Reader with UV Capability!

Published: Apr 02, 2010

For speed and flexibility in a Microplate Reader, the Biochrom Asys Expert Plus range of instruments fits the bill. Multichannel optics deliver rapid analysis times covering the range 340-800nm.

This instrument enables Life Science researchers to run a variety of different microplate assays including “UV assays” such as the measurement of changes in the absorbance of NADH at 340 nm.

The Expert Plus can be used with flat, round and v-bottomed plates. Four shaking modes ensures complete mixing of solutions, allows cells to stay in suspension, homogenizes colored solutions and provides an equal, stable liquid meniscus in all wells.

These stand-alone microplate readers can store up to 120 methods, and the results of up to 100 plates. Control Plus Software enables the user to download results to an external PC for data storage, manipulation and printing, or to upload programs from the PC to the instrument to save hands-on time.

Assay formulas can include qualitatative or quantitative assays, outlier elimination, transformation, and standard curve construction (cubic, point to point, spline and 4 parameter curve fits), using factors and floating cut-off.

For complete specifications on the Biochrom Asys Expert Plus Microplate Readers as well as the complete Biochrom product line go to

Biochrom is a leading global manufacturer with over 40 years of experience producing high quality scientific instrumentation trusted by hospitals and laboratories worldwide. The company is a valued OEM partner to many of the world’s finest scientific instrumentation companies.

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