Bayer AG Exec Eager to Conduct R&D in Israel

Published: Apr 25, 2012

"We collaborate with several Israeli companies," Bayer SVP and head of global clinical development Jörg Müller told "Globes" in an interview. "For example, with Medgenics Ltd. (AIM:MEDG; AMEX: MDGN) and Omri Laboratories, founded by Robert Taub. We have a hemophilia product that is one of the leaders in this field, and we continue to seek ways to improve its delivery. Medgenics is developing technology that enables patients to produce, within their bodies and on a long-term basis, their own natural human protein therapy for the treatment of chronic diseases, which we are studying. Omri has developed a method for extending a substance's life so it can be injected less frequently. But a trial we conducted failed to show sufficient efficacy, so we decided to discontinue with them."

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