Bardy Diagnostics™ awarded Innovative Technology Contract with Vizient, Inc. for the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor™

SEATTLE, Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Bardy Diagnostics, Inc. , ("BardyDx"), a leading provider of ambulatory cardiac monitoring technologies and custom data solutions, announced today it was awarded an Innovative Technology contract with Vizient, Inc. for the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor ("CAM™"), the world's first P-wave centric™ ambulatory cardiac patch monitor and arrhythmia detection device. The contract resulted from the recommendation of hospital experts serving on one of Vizient's member-led councils. Vizient, the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the US, awards Innovative Technology contracts to companies with technologies that demonstrate an ability to enhance clinical care or patient safety, and those that improve an organization's care delivery and business model.

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Debbie Archer, procurement director and leader of Vizient's Innovative Technology program for suppliers said, "Due to the number of products and services being released and marketed as 'innovative,' our member hospitals value the thorough review process in place at Vizient to help them identify products worth further evaluation at their own facilities. After a full review of the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor, Vizient's member council agreed this solution offers unique and incremental benefit over other available products on the market today and recommended it for an Innovative Technology contract. We are pleased to award this new contract to Bardy Diagnostics."

Unlike other cardiac patch monitors on the market, the CAM is the first ambulatory ECG monitor with high fidelity, novel detection technology that reliably records the P-wave, the small amplitude ECG signal that is essential to accurate arrhythmia diagnosis and the determination of appropriate medical treatments or procedural interventions. CAM reporting is enabled by BDxCONNECT, a cloud-based ECG analysis and patient management portal that can be tailored to support different clinical workflows and the care delivery needs and business model of a specific provider or health system.

"We are delighted that Vizient's member-led council selected the CAM for an Innovative Technology contract. We look forward to working with Vizient's diverse membership to develop strong relationships that will improve patient outcomes with the use of our CAM patch and monitoring services," said Ken Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer of Bardy Diagnostics.

Commenting on the novel attributes of the CAM, BDx Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gust H. Bardy, MD, remarked, "Our P-wave centric CAM recordings are distilled into clinically-actionable data represented in a proprietary report format incorporating beat-to-beat R-R interval plots – a feature not available with any other product or service. We appreciate the recognition and distribution opportunity offered by Vizient and its members."

Vizient, Inc. represents the combined strengths of the organizations formerly known as VHA Inc., University HealthSystem Consortium, Novation, and MedAssets' Spend and Clinical Resource Management. Since 2003, nearly 2200 new and innovative products and technologies have been submitted through the Vizient Innovative Technology program. Vizient works with member-led councils and task forces to identify and review potentially innovative products. If it is determined that a product is innovative, a contract may be awarded outside of Vizient's competitive bid cycle.

About Bardy Diagnostics:

Bardy Diagnostics, Inc. is an innovator in digital health and remote patient monitoring, with a focus on providing diagnostically-accurate and patient-friendly cardiac patch and other monitors to the industry. The company's CAM patch is a non-invasive, P-wave centric™ ambulatory cardiac monitor and arrhythmia detection device that is designed to improve patient compliance for adults and children through its lifestyle-enabling design. Designed to be worn comfortably and discreetly, the female-friendly, hourglass-shaped CAM patch is placed on the center of the chest, directly over the heart for optimum ECG signal collection. The proprietary technology of the CAM patch provides optimal detection and clear recording of the often difficult-to-detect P-wave, the signal of the ECG waveform that is essential for accurate arrhythmia diagnosis. Additional information can be found at the recently launched redesign of the BardyDx corporate website at

Jonathan Wu
Director, Marketing
Bardy Diagnostics, Inc.

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