AVITA Medical Announces FDA Approval of New RECELL® System with Improved Ease of Use

  • System enhanced in response to clinician workflow and usability feedback; new system simplifies process
  • United States product launch planned for Q2 2022

VALENCIA, Calif. and MELBOURNE, Australia, Feb. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AVITA Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: RCEL, ASX: AVH), a regenerative medicine company that is developing and commercializing a technology platform that enables point-of-care autologous skin restoration for multiple unmet needs, announced today that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed and approved the premarket approval application (PMA) supplement for RECELL® Autologous Cell Harvesting Device, an enhanced RECELL System aimed at providing clinicians a more efficient user experience and simplified workflow. The RECELL® System is a device that enables healthcare professionals to produce a suspension of Spray-On Skin™ Cells using a small sample of the patient’s own skin for the treatment of acute thermal burns.

“To ensure RECELL continues to meet the needs of our customers, we initiated a program to explore how we could improve the device, and then addressed those matters with this new system,” said Dr. Mike Perry, Chief Executive Officer of AVITA Medical. “Based upon research and human factors testing, we are confident that the new RECELL System will be positively received by the burn community. The enhancements will provide a range of benefits to clinicians using the device and in turn, patients will benefit as the procedure becomes more efficient.”

Until now, the RECELL System – which launched in the United States nearly two years ago – consisted of multiple individually packaged sterile components requiring transfer into the sterile field and required clinicians to rely on multiple people to assist during the process. AVITA Medical researchers spoke with surgeons, physician assistants and registered nurses – both experienced and new users of the device – to study how procedures with the RECELL System are being conducted in real-world scenarios and how they can be improved.

While the intended use of the device as a whole remains unchanged, the RECELL System has been modified to reduce set-up steps by approximately one-third and to enable use of the device with reduced support personnel. In a survey, 94% of users believe that the new RECELL System will allow them to prepare for a procedure faster than with the current RECELL System and more than 80% of users anticipate a faster learning curve for a newly trained user to become proficient with the system.i

The launch of the new RECELL System in the United States will begin in Q2 2022. For more information about the RECELL System, please visit www.RECELLSystem.com.

AVITA Medical is a regenerative medicine company with a technology platform positioned to address unmet medical needs in burns, chronic wounds, and aesthetics indications. AVITA Medical’s patented and proprietary collection and application technology provides innovative treatment solutions derived from the regenerative properties of a patient’s own skin. The medical devices work by preparing a RES® REGENERATIVE EPIDERMAL SUSPENSION, an autologous suspension comprised of the patient’s skin cells necessary to regenerate natural healthy epidermis. This autologous suspension is then sprayed onto the areas of the patient requiring treatment.

AVITA Medical’s first U.S. product, the RECELL® System, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2018 and a new ease-of-use design was approved in 2022. The RECELL System is indicated for use in the treatment of acute thermal burns. The RECELL System is used to prepare Spray-On Skin™ Cells using a small amount of a patient’s own skin, providing a new way to treat severe burns, while significantly reducing the amount of donor skin required. The RECELL System is designed to be used at the point of care alone or in combination with autografts depending on the depth of the burn injury. Compelling data from randomized, controlled clinical trials conducted at major U.S. burn centers and real-world use in more than 10,000 patients globally reinforce that the RECELL System is a significant advancement over the current standard of care for burn patients and offers benefits in clinical outcomes and cost savings. Healthcare professionals should read the INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE - RECELL® Autologous Cell Harvesting Device (https://recellsystem.com/) for a full description of indications for use and important safety information including contraindications, warnings, and precautions.

In international markets, our products are marketed under the RECELL System brand to promote skin healing in a wide range of applications including burns, chronic wounds, and aesthetics. The RECELL System is TGA-registered in Australia and received CE-mark approval in Europe. To learn more, visit www.avitamedical.com.


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This press release was authorized by the review committee of AVITA Medical, Inc.


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