Andor Offers Extensive Active Illumination Portfolio for Optogenetics and Photostimulation

Published: Apr 06, 2011

Belfast 06 April 2011 - Andor Technology plc (Andor), a world leader in scientific imaging and modular spectroscopy solutions, announce the launch of its comprehensive Active Illumination Portfolio. All Active Illumination (AI) techniques target optical radiation at user-defined region(s) of the specimen and use optical imaging to observe, and often to measure, the impact of the “perturbation”. Andor’s AI portfolio therefore enables the user to easily Observe, Perturb and Measure.

AI has developed over the last two decades and describes a rapidly evolving range of optical techniques with an increasing impact on scientific enquiry and experimentation. The comprehensive portfolio offers MicroPoint, Mosaic, Mosaic Duet and FRAPPA, as well as a range of light sources and software.

The Andor AI portfolio will provide researchers with a wide range of technical capabilities. Included among these techniques are photoactivation and switching; constrained or adaptive illumination; FRAP; ablation, cutting and marking; uncaging of caged compounds; and optogenetics, for example channelrhodopsin.

In addition to a new detailed AI brochure, the Andor website has been updated to carry key information on each product line as well as a comprehensive range of application and technical notes.

Mark Browne, Director of Systems at Andor, said “Andor has established the most powerful and flexible portfolio of products for these technologies and provides them in both systems and component format. To this end we work with 3rd parties to ensure high levels of support across multiple hardware and software environments.”

For more information on the broad range of Active Illumination products available from Andor, to view a range of informative movies or to find out more please visit

Andor enables its customers to break new ground by performing light measurements previously considered impossible. Andor is a world leader in low light imaging with a portfolio spanning high-performance scientific digital cameras, spectrographs, and microscopy confocal and white light systems. Andor now counts over 300 employees in 16 offices worldwide, offering over 80 products to 10,000 scientific research and OEM customers, and acquired Bitplane in 2009 and Photonic Instruments in 2010. Andor Technology is quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE: AND).

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