The Center For Business Intelligence Announces Domestic Outsourcing For Drug Discovery Conference

WOBURN, Mass., Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Center for Business Intelligence announces Domestic Outsourcing for Drug Discovery Conference, co-sponsored by The Wall Street Journal.

The Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) will hold Domestic Outsourcing for Drug Discovery on January 27-28, 2005 at Marriott San Diego in San Diego, CA.

While in the past pharmaceutical and biotech companies have been hesitant to send the drug discovery process out of house, the escalating costs of drug development, the complexity of discovery research and an increasing pressure to speed up the rate of new product launches have led to an increasing trend towards outsourcing drug discovery.

The conference focuses on the discovery outsourcing options that are available both through vendors, whose business model is purely contract work, and via partnering and licensing options. Industry perspectives on "Why They Outsource" are provided by Arena Pharmaceuticals, Chiron, Genentech, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp, Purdue Pharma L.P. and Targacept, Inc.

Join colleagues at this conference in learning about the many benefits an outsourcing provider or partner can offer.

   -- Access to the latest technology without an ongoing commitment to the
   full costs and risks or an internal, up-front investment
   -- Highly effective genomics and proteomics technology to enhance the
   ability to find more and better targets
   -- Discovery chemistry technologies, including combi-chem, compu-chem,
   purification and characterization, to enable thorough lead generation
   -- Early evaluation of drug metabolism profile and drug interaction
   -- Combined rapid design and synthesis of focused libraries to increase
   the speed of development of hits to leads and subsequent medicinal
   chemistry optimization
   -- Gram quantities of lead compounds for smaller companies with little or
   no synthesis capabilities

Executive Sponsors are: Ricerca Biosciences, Naeja, Discovery Partners with outstanding support provide by: Pharma IT, American Pharmaceutical Outsourcing, PharmSource, CanBiotech and Bio/Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Report.

CBI events provide real life case examples given by leading experts and are excellent environments for networking. We look forward to seeing you on January 27-28, 2005 in San Diego, CA.

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