Cerionx Launches TipCharger(SM) System, Unveils New Corporate Identity, And Announces Distribution Partners At LabAutomation 2005

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Association for Laboratory Automation annual conference - LabAutomation 2005 - Cerionx, Inc. today launched the TipCharger(SM) System, an automated laboratory technology for the rapid cleaning of pipette tips and pin tools. In addition, the company - formerly Microplate Automation - unveiled a new corporate identity and announced product distribution partners.

The TipCharger(SM) System utilizes a low temperature, atmospheric pressure plasma process that cleans and sterilizes metal and plastic pipetting devices and pin tools by removing organic substances from treated surfaces. Using plasma generated from ordinary room air, the TipCharger System removes organic compounds through ionization, producing individual atomic gas species that instantly combine with oxygen. Because of its highly reproducible nature, this process also reduces the incidence of micro-bubble formation and other random surface effects that degrade liquid handling precision and accuracy. Plasma, long recognized for its impressive cleaning properties, is commonly used to clean and sterilize medical products. Cerionx has adapted this approach to a laboratory application for fluid handling systems.

Cerionx will showcase the TipCharger System at a conference workshop on Tuesday, February 1st. This workshop will explore product performance on coated metal probes, plastic pipette tips and pin tools used with a variety of compounds and demonstrate effective installation and cleaning procedures.

"Launching the TipCharger System at LabAutomation 2005 is the culmination of 4 years of work by a dedicated team of physicists, engineers and pharmaceutical scientists to bring this revolutionary technology to market. We are unveiling our new corporate identity - Cerionx - at the same time. The meaning of Cerionx - 'Ionic Lightning' - is intimately tied to our technology," commented Paul Hensley, President and CEO of Cerionx. "This conference is a wonderful opportunity for us to demonstrate this robust technology to scientists from around the world and introduce them to our distribution partners from whom they can order TipCharger."

Currently, V&P Scientific and ProGroup Instrument Corporation are licensed to distribute the TipCharger System. Cerionx is looking for additional partners for the promotion and distribution of this innovative technology. Through these channels, the TipCharger System will be made available to customers factory-installed on new equipment or as a retrofit module to currently installed equipment.

About Cerionx

Cerionx, Inc. is a technology company dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art products for laboratory research applications. Founded in 2000 as Microplate Automation, Cerionx's first product - the TipCharger(SM) System - was released in January 2005. Cerionx is the sole owner and manufacturer of the TipCharger System and has an issued US Patent and multiple US and international patents pending. Cerionx supplies modules for many existing and new equipment platforms directly and through instrument manufacturers supporting TipCharger technology on their respective platforms. More information about Cerionx and their products can be found at the company's web site at: http://www.cerionx.com/.

For additional information regarding this announcement, please contact: Paul Hensley President & CEO Cerionx, Inc. Phone: 856.963.5535 ext 701 Email: paul_hensley@cerionx.com

Cerionx, Inc.

CONTACT: Paul Hensley, President & CEO, Cerionx, +1-856-963-5535 ext 701or paul_hensley@cerionx.com

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