Medical Science Liaison Jobs: The Best-Kept Secret in the Life Sciences Industry

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Do you know what career you want to pursue in the life sciences industry? Due to advancements in healthcare and technology, there are many opportunities available outside of traditional roles in an academic or research environment. We recently interviewed seasoned recruiting and executive search consultants to discover the top 10 non-traditional careers for life science professionals. The feedback we received was very insightful, and we were able to highlight uncommon and interesting positions.

One of the most intriguing entries in our top 10 list was the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role. According to Dr. Samuel Dyer, CEO of the non-profit The MSL Society, “Medical Science Liaison jobs are one of the best-kept secrets in the industry.” Dr. Dyer also mentioned that the MSL role has exploded in global growth. Based on research done by the MSL Society, the MSL role could grow by 20% in the next 1-2 years and increase by upwards of 35% in Asia and South America. We spoke with Dr. Dyer to find out more about this innovative position.     

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