Medasource: Depth and Breadth in Life Sciences and Healthcare Consulting

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According to Forbes, the healthcare services market exceeds $50 billion, which isn’t surprising given the complexity of the interactions between biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, distributors, health care institutions, organized physician groups and other stakeholders. It’s also a field that largely works in the background and is involved in a rapidly expanding list of activities, including digital health transformation, market growth, operational efficiency and others.

One such company is Medasource, which was founded in 2000 and falls under the umbrella of the Eight Eleven Group, a leading human capital solutions firm specializing in technology and business support. Both are headquartered in Indianapolis.

Medasource’s practice areas include Health IT, Business Applications, Revenue Cycle Management and Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences.

Michael Haas, Medasource’s Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Vertical Director, describes the company as a “national healthcare consulting and project services company."

"We partner with hundreds of customers across health systems, pharma, biotech and device companies across the U.S. to drive clinical research and improve patient care,” Haas said.

And they are by no means a small consulting firm. They have significant reach across the United States with 32 physical offices and thousands of medical & scientific consultants on assignment this year.

Haas indicates that they partner with industry leaders to provide the expertise needed across critical functions, including translational sciences, medical affairs, clinical development, safety, research informatics and regulatory affairs. They partner to manage entire projects and complement existing teams.

“For example,” Haas said, “our consultant pool is comprised of the scientific, clinical, analytical, and technical expertise needed to drive research and commercial operations.  Additionally, our provider vertical focuses on assisting large health systems and academic medical centers execute clinical research and trials.”

The COVID-19 pandemic, Haas notes, has been “a disruptive year for much of the healthcare and life sciences industry.”

He said that early on, Clinical Laboratory teams and Clinical Trials Offices within their healthcare delivery portfolio came to a standstill, “while Clinical Engineering teams rushed to ensure proper inventory levels and functionality of critical equipment.”

However, this summer, they have been quickly scaling clinical laboratory teams as COVID-19 testing increased along with growing patient volumes and procedures.

“With big pharma, we’ve focused on consulting efforts around the design, management and monitoring of new infectious disease studies,” Haas said.

In addition, Medasource has partnered with numerous state governments, cities and counties to build and manage entire teams to combat the spread of COVID-19 throughout the U.S.

Medasource also has two key Workforce Transformation Solutions, Elevate and Project Patriot. Elevate is an entry-level consulting program designed, “to infuse your culture with the best and brightest associate or junior-level candidates,” Haas said. “Our clients use this program to address succession planning and build cost-effective, scalable teams.”

Project Patriot is the company’s national Veteran consulting program. It assists all veterans and transitioning military and their families by, he said, “engaging, equipping and empowering them to successfully explore careers in the healthcare and life sciences industries.”

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