CinCor Raises $143 Million To Fund Innovation in Hypertension Research 



CinCor Pharma has generated $143 million from its Series B funding round to support its endeavor to find treatments for hypertension, chronic kidney disease and primary aldosteronism. 

A huge chunk of the money will go to the research and development of CIN-107, an oral small molecule aldosterone synthase inhibitor, as it has shown the potential to treat primary aldosteronism and treatment-resistant hypertension. To this day, there is a significant unmet medical need for both health concerns. The Cincinnati biopharma has already received $193 million for its CIN-107 research efforts via two previous private financing rounds

Hypertension, defined as having a blood pressure of 130/80 mm Hg and up, is a preventable risk factor for premature death yet is often unaddressed because it is asymptomatic. About 20% of the world's population is at risk for hypertension, putting them at higher risk for stroke, kidney disease and heart disease. Primary aldosteronism is a related hormonal disorder that causes high blood pressure due to an overproduction of aldosterone in the adrenal glands.

"There has been little innovation in the treatment of hypertension in the past several decades, along with a lack of incorporating targeted approaches seen in other fields. Currently, many hypertensive patients still do not reach treatment goals, increasing their risk of heart attack and stroke alongside more slowly developing conditions," said Jason Pitts, Ph.D., the vice president at growth equity firm General Atlantic who is also joining CinCor's board. "By using a precision approach to target indications and patient populations where aldosterone is likely a primary driver of disease, CIN-107 has the potential to be a significant innovation for patients with difficult-to-treat cardiovascular conditions."

The newest financing round will enable CinCor to complete several research projects, including the ongoing brigHTN Phase II clinical trial in patients diagnosed with resistant hypertension, the ongoing Phase II Spark trial in hypertensive patients with primary aldosteronism, a new Phase II HALO clinical trial in patients with uncontrolled hypertension, and research into CIN-107's effect on kidney function and blood pressure in patients who have chronic kidney disease (CKD).

"This financing will enable us to obtain the data that we hope will establish that aldosterone synthesis inhibition is a potent approach to lowering blood pressure in several patient groups, including individuals with hypertension demonstrated to be resistant to existing treatment options. In addition, it will enable us to continue to obtain data that may expand the potential utility of CIN-107 into other indications including primary aldosteronism and CKD," added Marc de Garidel, chief executive of CinCor in a statement. 

General Atlantic led by financing, backed by new investors that include Perceptive Advisors, venBio Partners, Lilly Asia Ventures, BVF Partners, Omega Funds, RTW Investments, Adage Capital Management, Rock Springs Capital, and Sixty Degree Capital. Old investors like CinRx, Sofinnova Partners, Sofinnova Investment and 5AM Ventures also participated.

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