Designer Babies Lawful To Help Sick Siblings, UK Law Lords Decide

Five Law Lords in the UK have ruled that families can legally create babies to help their sick brother or sister, the authority would come from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, UK. This ruling is the result of an appeal by the Hashmi family, whose son who was born with thalassaemia major. The Hashmi's say the only hope for their son, who is now six years old, is to create a child with the same tissue type. Zain (the son) has to have regular transfusions plus loads of medications throughout the day. Thalassaemia major is s serious genetic disorder. Patients with thalassaemia major doe not produce enough red blood cells. Doctors aim to take stem cells from the newborn's umbilical cord and transplant them into Zain. Mrs Hashmi was overjoyed with the new ruling, she said "It is nice to know that society has now embraced the technology to cure the sick and take away the pain. It has been a long and hard battle for all the family and we have finally heard the news we wanted to hear." Making ‘designer babies' is a controversial subject throughout the world. Many scientists and doctors say it would cure many sick children. Some worry that this could be the beginning of more ominous things to come.

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