7 Top Companies Hiring Associate Scientists

Two female scientists in lab//iStock, gorodenkoff

Pictured: Two female scientists working in a lab/iStock, gorodenkoff

There are a few dozen associate scientist positions available at biopharma companies, as identified by job postings on the BioSpace website. The roles, which include contract positions, are located in several states but are primarily in California and New York.  

If you’re interested in an associate scientist position, check out the opportunities at these top seven companies. 

  1. Regeneron has over 10 open positions in Tarrytown, N.Y. Jobs include associate scientist of formulations development, associate scientist of protein expression sciences and senior associate scientist of gene therapy assay development.  

  1. AbbVie has several job openings in California and Massachusetts. Positions include associate scientist II, associate scientist II of genomics data and associate scientist of analytical chemistry I. 

  1. Vaxcyte has multiple open positions in San Carlos, Calif. Jobs include associate scientist I of conjugation development, associate scientist I of analytical development for characterization and senior associate scientist of upstream development for protein development and manufacturing.  

  1. Amgen has two job openings in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The company is hiring process development associate scientists. 

  1. Gilead Sciences has two open positions in Foster City, Calif. The company is looking for a senior associate scientist of purification process development and a senior associate scientist of pre-pivotal biologics analytical operations.  

  1. Life Edit Therapeutics has two contract roles open in Durham, N.C. The company is hiring a senior associate scientist of mammalian cell transfections and a senior associate scientist of molecular biology. 

  1. Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research has two open positions in Maryland. The jobs are located in Rockville and Frederick. The company is looking for an associate scientist of technology development, CGR, and an associate scientist I of flow cytometry. 

As you consider these open positions, remember to check out our job search toolkit, which features multiple resources to help you make your next career move. 

Angela Gabriel is content manager, life sciences careers, at BioSpace. You can reach her at angela.gabriel@biospace.com and follow her on LinkedIn.  

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