3 Simple Ways to Succeed in a Hybrid Work Environment

Woman Working In a Hybrid WOrk Environment

Working in a hybrid work environment isn't complicated if you know how to handle the tasks simultaneously 

As the pandemic continues to go through its highs and lows, many workplaces are opting to use a hybrid work model.

A hybrid work environment can be set up in a variety of ways. A couple of common examples include:

  • Employees working from home on certain days and commuting to the office other days.
  • Employees working during whatever hours they feel they are most productive. This could mean some people are logging on at 5:00 a.m., while others might be most productive in the evenings.

Tips To Succeed in a Hybrid Work Environment

If you find yourself in a hybrid work environment where you will be splitting your working hours between the office and home, here are a few tips to help you succeed while working.

  1. Be organized

It is very important to try to be as organized as possible while working in a hybrid work environment. The last thing you want to do is get to the office and realize you forgot your laptop at home, or vice versa.

Each day that you commute to work, you should make a checklist of things that you not only need to take to the office with you, but also things that you need to bring back home with you. Items on this list could include your laptop, planner, lunchbox, small electronics, files, etc.

  1. Take advantage of your time in the office

Since you are only spending part of your workweek physically in the office with your coworkers, it is in your best interest to take advantage of the time you have together.

On the personal front, you can use your days in the office to get to know coworkers that you don’t normally connect with virtually. This could be as simple as stopping by their desk during your afternoon break to chat or asking them to grab some food with you over the lunch hour.

On the professional side of things, being in the office with your coworkers provides a great opportunity for you and your team to have meetings and collaborate on projects that might be difficult to do virtually. Instead of having to chat online with a team member, you can simply collaborate at one another’s workstations or grab a conference room if there are a few of you that need to meet.

  1. …but also take advantage of your days at home

While it’s nice to see coworkers face-to-face, working from home also has its advantages. Perhaps the most obvious perk is not having to spend time commuting back and forth to work. While it might be tempting to spend your spare minutes sleeping in or binge-watching your favorite television show, consider these ways to advance your career instead.  

Another perk to take advantage of while working from home is your quiet work time in between meetings. In a hybrid work environment, you are likely to have less distractions from coworkers since you are not as easily accessible compared to when you are sitting in the office. Utilize any distraction-free time you can get to focus on a thought-intensive project you are trying to figure out.

If you struggle to find quiet time during your workday at home because of distractions in your household, check out these tips for controlling work interruptions at home.

Depending on how it is set up, a hybrid work environment can offer some unique benefits. For example, if your workplace is utilizing a hybrid model where employees must commute to the office a few days each week, some of the benefits might include better in-person collaboration time and getting to know your coworkers that you might not otherwise talk to a regular basis while working remotely.

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